I am at work right now, its only 5:13 and I work at 6, so im trying to get a little entry done. I think i’ve been drinking too much coffee because nothing taste all that appealing anymore. I always crave it so I drink it anyway but I think I need some new options! The last few nights i’ve worked have been extremely slow, and im predicting another slow night since everyone goes out on Fridays. I havent been up to anything interesting because I work all night and its nearly too hot to go out during the day. I cant wait for it to cool off, although in Florida there isnt much of a “cool” season unfortunately. I dont know why I always end up back in Florida when I hate this weather so much. I want to round-house kick it in the face.


This morning when I woke up, I ate some Lucky Charms and while flipping through the channels I saw that one of my favorite movies was about to come on! This is always a great way to start your day before you have to work. I was elated. The movie is a Hayao Miyazaki film titled “Spirited Away” – I was fortunate enough to catch it in theaters when it came out in 2001! It’s about a young girl named Chihiro who by chance ends up in a spirit world inhabited by japanese spirits and monsters. Humans are not allowed, so when she is discovered she begs for a job at the Spirit bath-house so she can earn her way while she figures out an escape plan. Most humans are turned into pigs if discovered or disrespectful to the spirits, but Chihiro meets a magical boy who guides her through the world and keeps her safe. It is just an all around strange and entertaining movie that I can watch over and over.

I want to have a Miyazaki marathon.

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3 Responses to “TGIF!”

  1. Laura O! Says:

    I feel ya on the hating-Florida’s-weather thing. I don’t miss it one bit, especially since New York summers are equally brutal.

    Why haven’t I watched Spirited Away yet? I’ve heard anyone say a bad thing about it – which is quite rare – and I love animated movies. Wish I could enjoy watching it tonight instead of being pissed off some thieving bastard walked into my building and stole my boyfriend’s bike.

  2. Clay Says:

    I’m on the verge of moving somewhere with winters. I can’t take this heat here anymore either. At least in the Northern states you have a winter season to look forward to, to sweating buckets isn’t as bad. Here, in Florida, sweating buckets with that slim chance of one, maybe one and a half weeks of the temperature dropping below 70, doesn’t have the same payoff.

  3. Jacky Says:

    I have a lot of DVD’s from Hayao Miyazaki, I love the movies ❤
    Greetings vom Germany

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