Thanks For Playing: Bastion, Quantum Conundrum, Terraria

Oh, hey! So, I was kidnapped briefly by a band of Jawa’s, but after some bartering and slave labor I am back home, blogging safely. I have been asked a lot recently about my YouTube channel and if/when I would ever put content up on it again. I had really only wanted to review The Tester episodes as they aired, because I don’t quite understand the YouTube universe, but people keep subscribing and asking, and I figured hey – it would be another way to get content up on my blog, so why not? Everyone wins. I think.

Regardless, I want to get as much content as I can up on here again, and this would be a great way. Maybe I’ll even get the hang of it. I’ll basically be reviewing and discussing games I’m playing, experiences and eventually I’ll try to get some streams up. I get asked every day what I am currently playing, and making a video and a short blog entry is not only great for me, but an easy way to answer that question. It would be awesome if you guys would answer in a response video, or a comment with what YOU are playing – give me ideas! I am crazy and video game hungry and NOTHING CAN STOP ME.

+10 internet points if you make it through the entire thing.

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9 Responses to “Thanks For Playing: Bastion, Quantum Conundrum, Terraria”

  1. angelrolando Says:

    you are so adorable and hug-able

  2. angelrolando Says:

    LOL don’t worry about your hair while v-blogging

  3. angelrolando Says:

    what do you think the Higgs boson will change the way we do physics

  4. WhatsHisFace Says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to more content from you. I thought the trolls had won 😦

  5. Jayjoe Says:

    Yea those Jawas can be brutal at times, but all you really need is some a droid, Blue milk, and HOOTEENI!!! haha But Heartfelt to hear that you’ve made a return, Always enjoyed reading/viewing your blogs, very intriguing and full of Awesome incite on the numerous games out there that I’ve only just recently discovered haha Xie Xie Nie for that. Saw some footage of each game and definitely liked what i saw, especially the music, that is usually a good draw in for me.

    I’m not really all that new to the youtube universe per say, i guess you can say that I’m just a secretive small voice in it’s universe but have the ability to easily understand it. I’m entirely certain that in so short of time you’ll get the hang of it ;).

    As for games I’m currently playing right now, well thats tampering a bit into nostalgia with a dash of modernism…currently right now a buddy of mine and I are going on a run through of all Resident Evil (canon and non-canon) games from all systems including handhelds haha. Between the two of us, it won’t be a problem at all, he was hoping to make a video like “Lets Play” but I’m not so sure yet…but in between all that, I’m running through some in the Silent Hill series cuz I really respect that series as well, I’m not one sided when it comes to these two “rivals.” Then theres Galerians:Ash for PS2, then tons for the psp, mainly rpg like Lunar, Tales of the World, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy Tactics and numerous others that seem to escape my head due to how busy I am with other things outside of video games…oh I’ve even been spending some time on the Old Atari system ;), having a gnarly time playing the neverending game of Pitfall hahaha. But yea, Thousand apologies on the long comment, i tend to be a little long winded.

    May peace be with you always, hope to at least adhere to your request about the video response in the near future. Can’t wait to hear whats next 😉


  6. Leoneяd Says:

    Well, right now I’m playing the first Bioshock, and sometimes Skyrim… I have already spent 200 hours with it, but it’s so fucking addictive that I can’t stop finding new stuff to do!
    BTW, you look great on the video. Not really a surprise but I think you deserve all the compliments a man can think of 😉

  7. g2-608e9739e8bc745a3db3d33641faa607 Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is my Soulmate…

  8. g2-608e9739e8bc745a3db3d33641faa607 Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is my Soulmate…But I missed the train trying to catch her and missed out…

  9. The Sentience Says:

    Bastion is pretty dope. Come to think of it, most games with Ron Perlman doing voice-acting are pretty dope.

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