Extra-Life: Play Games, Heal Kids ( Now with more FragDolls! )

For those of you that are unaware, I am a Frag Doll finalist. I am one of 9 girls in the running to be the next Frag Doll, and for me that means making my gaming career dreams come true. Beyond career dreams, I will be attaining personal and moral goals of reaching out to people in the gaming community, competing again and working with a group of girls to help build excitement in the industry by organizing events.

One such event is the Extra Life charity they are partaking in. I personally love this charity, and have donated and participated in streams to raise money for a couple of years now. If you’re not familiar with Extra Life the idea is simple – play games, heal kids. You can donate at any time, but most participators organize events in which they stream gaming and work to earn your donations. A lot of these streams go for 12 to 24 hours. All proceeds go to the children’s hospital of the streamers choosing. The Frag Dolls are running several events to raise money to reach their goal amount which they will donate to Oakland Childrens Hospital.

Check out the Frag Dolls YouTube channel and their website for more videos of the girls and more information on their Extra Life shenanigans! This year, whether I make it as a Frag Doll or not I will be supporting Extra Life through the Dolls’ – so please join me for all their streams, and donate! Even if its just a couple bucks, it makes a difference. The beautiful thing about gaming is our community. We are a huge community and we can and do make a huge difference. Think, if you just put off getting that DLC for one more week and donate that money you will quite literally be changing a child’s life for the better. It feels good – I promise! The Dolls reward charitable behavior by offering rewards and give-aways. If you support me and the Dolls, I will be doing my own 12 or 24 hour stream! I know a lot of you have been asking for me to do a 12 hour stream, and if you tweet the Frag Dolls and let them know you’re supporting them through me, I’ll do a personal stream. I have a huge library of games across all sorts of consoles, and would love to play with anyone joining the stream. All money I raise will also go towards the Dolls efforts to helps kids at Oakland Children’s Hospital. Help me help them help kids! Say that three times fast, phew!

Follow the Frag Dolls!






Lets all harness our inner Dr. Mario and help kids.

By playing video games.

I won’t take no for an answer!



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5 Responses to “Extra-Life: Play Games, Heal Kids ( Now with more FragDolls! )”

  1. WhatsHisFace Says:

    Awesome, congratulations on becoming a finalist! Hopefully you’ll be selected. I don’t really donate to charities, but I think I’ll check this one out.

  2. Luka Riot Says:

    Congrats on being a finalist, and good luck! That is seriously awesome.

  3. luccava Says:

    Congratulations! Hope you win the contest! You are very dedicated and I’m sure girl gamers are proud of you. I’ll watch the live stream πŸ˜€

  4. Ray Says:

    Another wonderful blog, and I am continuing to hope and wish you the best of luck at becoming a Frag Doll. Achieving a dream is always special, and I have become a HUGE fan, and even been lucky enough to get to know you just a bit. So you definitely and absolutely deserve it.
    I will be looking to donate to this wonderful charity through you, and the Frag Dolls in October. This month is just too tight for me right now. I think it is a wonderful cause, and a wonderful way to go about raising money for kids in need. You are truly a wonderful and kind woman. Good luck, and look forward to more blogs, tweets and many more social networking interactions in the future πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah The Rebel Says:

    I love when gamers give back! Good luck girl I know you can do it!

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