Sailor Moon 2012

I grew up on Sailor Moon and definitely feel it was a pinnacle in my childhood. I have two Sailor Moon tattoos and still watch episodes on YouTube whenever I am feeling down. It hasn’t lost any of its humor or magic to me. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts taught me to be brave, to by myself and that feminism is awesome. They fought for love, justice, equality, and the well-being of the world; physically and morally. As a kid I looked up to the girls in a fantastical sense. I know it’s just a “cartoon” but the messages every episode sent still ring with truth and relevancy to this day. Every Sailor Scout had a very defined personality and character traits, and it was so easy to align with one as your favorite. I decided to make some fashion sets for each [inner] Sailor Scout based off their personality. I tried to add as much nuance and detail as I could. I had way too much fun making these – and probably spent way too much time on them. This is how I envision the scouts if they were personified modern-day teenage girls. For those that were big fans of the show, I know you’ll notice lots of quirky details in these sets, and I hope you love and appreciate them! If they are well received, maybe I will do the Outer Scouts and some of the more iconic villains. If any of you are curious, my favorite scouts are Venus and Jupiter. Who is your favorite?

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus by krystipryde featuring philosophy lip gloss

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8 Responses to “Sailor Moon 2012”

  1. lannagreen72 Says:

    Reblogged this on lannagreen72.

  2. diaperdiamonds Says:

    oh my god! its so perfect! you’ve done such a good job. I am still watching the episodes too, sailor moon is unique.
    My favourite was Venus too 🙂

  3. Laura Says:

    Mars was always my favorite! I would fight with my friends in elementary school over getting to be her at recess.

  4. Sarah The Rebel Says:

    Mars was my girl. ^_^

  5. Ray Says:

    Sailor Moon, Saturn and Jupiter

  6. Katherina Burkett (@Riotsister) Says:

    Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. You’re a fashion genius. I’d totally hire you to help revamp the wardrobe. I think I’m moving to Florida.

  7. _Angel_Rolando (@_Angel_Rolando) Says:

    All are great but for me, Mercury and Mars are the most appealing.

  8. thebluewigglytuff Says:

    Love this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
    You nailed the flirty, cutesy look of Serena’s. Amy’s clothes are sultry, yet modest. Raye’s are bold and high maintenance. You NAILED Lita’s way of dressing both tomboyish and uber-feminine. And Mina’s clothes are all youthful and spunky!
    I want all of these clothes!
    My favourites that you’ve compiled are Amy’s and Lita’s!

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