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Guarding the Globe: Issue 1 Review

January 3, 2013

Guarding the Globe is a monthly spin-off series of “Invincible” showcasing a Government funded and assisted group of costumed Super-Heroes. It’s easy for costumed heroes to get lost in the fray of all the other hero books out there – but the characters introduced so far seem to feel truly unique. Issue 1 throws us right into a battle with Kid Thor, a hammer-wielding strong-man, and Japandroid – a young Japanese android girl whose abilities seem to be unlimited as she can reprogram herself to do just about anything. We also meet Brit, the team leader, who boasts impressive invulnerability while also being a family man. This issue throws a lot on our plate all at once, which may be a bit overwhelming to new readers. Fear not! Although this issue introduces us to a lot of characters, events and sub-plots there is no doubt in my mind that with the fluidity of the writing this series will work itself out and remain linear in the process. The writing is fantastic, easy to follow and is peppered with a great sense of humor. The individual character writing is engaging and allows you to really get a feel for the individual characters and their personalities which is essentially the most important aspect when reading a comic book – especially one with such an impressive character roster! Some [spoiler free!] magic moments in this issue are Brit’s humanity while tackling a difficult family problem, and also his compassion towards a friends problem in the wake of it all. There is also a really clever Anthony Boudain reference in one of the sub-plots involving Kaboomerang, a sarcastic hero capable of telekinetic control over his explosive boomerangs and Best Tiger, who has a super-human ability regarding weapon precision.


Overall, Guarding the Globe explodes with content right out of the gate. If this issue is any indication of what’s to come, then this series looks extremely promising. With the cast of diverse characters, engaging writing and the relatable sense of humor and pop culture references sprinkled throughout, this book certainly is begging you to keep reading, and as of now, I think I will.

New Year, New ….News?

January 6, 2012

First of all, Happy New Year! Secondly – ever look at a word too long and start to realize how weird it looks, then you think you’re spelling it wrong? I just had that moment while typing the title for this blog. New. What a weird-looking word. Anyways!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. I’ve been a horrible blogger. I’ve been so busy with so many things. Also, i’ve been lazy. Really lazy. I’m not even going to lie. I’ll do my best to catch you all up on everything, but if you follow me on Twitter than you probably already have an idea. I am really glad that I can finally announce that I was chosen from hundreds of applicants to be on the show Sony Playstation The Tester: Season 3! Out of hundreds, twelve hardcore gamers are picked to live in a house with each other, and compete in video game related challenges. Every week someone is eliminated based on performance in said challenges! There are a lot of surprises in eliminations and for the most part, it’s never easy to say goodbye to your room-mates, who become more like family as the days go by. There is the obvious drama – no doubt about that, but you’ll have to watch to fully appreciate it. We are all competing for a chance to be in the final episode, where the top three gamers compete against each other for the ultimate reward. The reward is a job, working on an unreleased title at Santa Monica studios. Which is a HUGE deal – Santa Monica is responsible for the God of War series. Being able to work there would be a dream for most avid gamers. As if that wasn’t enough, there are other tech prizes, a $5,000 signing bonus and a fucking car. So, yeah, as much as we all loved each other, shit gets REAL interesting when you’re all competing for all of that. The Tester Season 3 airs Febuary 7th. Until then, check out the cast bios and videos on the site

I did some photo-shoots recently that I haven’t posted. Namely just fun stuff, tattoo magazine stuff,  my favorite of which was this comic book themed shoot where I was both a hero, and a villain. If I were to actually pursue a career in villainy – sequin booty shorts would probably actually be my first choice as far as costuming goes. Totally practical. I have some projects lined up that are Playstation/Video Game themed – Which im excited for. I dont model much anymore, unless its a favor – but any nerdy project, sign me the hell up.

I have been an avid World of Warcraft nerd since the game made its debut. I can talk about that game for hours. So you’re best not to get me started. It really made me a true fan of MMO games. Ultima Online was like my gate-way drug of MMO’s, and WoW sealed the deal. Now, outside of loving MMO games and talking shit to assholes on vent, I really love the Star Wars universe. Maybe more than I love dragons – and thats a lot. So, now with the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic I had to hang up my wands and potions, and oh, any and all of my spare time. With the epic-fucking-fail that was Star Wars: Galaxies, I was a little concerned. I felt a little better knowing BioWare was involved, and as I ferociously YouTubed game play videos, I realized then this was truly going to be a gem. I had no idea just how great, though. Im sorry, but the story in this game ( IN MY OPINION ) blows Warcrafts out of the water. The ability to make decisions through your quests is fantastic. The voice acting is amazing. All the races and classes are great – I STILL cant decide what class to focus on leveling, because they are all truly so fun. The environments are fantastic – and this game still stays true to the heart of the Star Wars lore and universe. Basically, Im in love. If I didn’t learn self control during my Warcraft days, id play this game for day with little to know sleep. Lets just talk about what a babe my Chiss Bounty Hunter Mercenary is. Seriously. You can find her on the server Tarentatek. Her name is Pryde. Add her up!

I’d also like to point out how much will power it took to chose to do this blog entry rather than level her up. That’s a big deal. Any pathetically addicted MMO’er will know.

Sex: Not A Mutant Power

September 29, 2011

Growing up with comic books, I’ve seen many incarnations of different characters. I’ve seen the ladies from X-Men go from modest heroines to over-sexed models with boobs jobs and an apparent addiction to the Chuck Norris Total Gym. As an adult now, and having grown up with this constant evolution in illustration, I realize it just sort of comes with the territory. This story I came across about a 7-year-old girl who idolizes Starfire from Teen Titans sort of broke my heart, though.  I am always thrilled when kids read comic books – I feel it help gives them an appreciation of writing and art.  This little girl, who idolized Starfire, doesn’t grasp the concept of continuum or character evolution, and for her to see her idol turn into an over-sexed bimbo sort of hits home. I know if they tried to turn Kitty Pryde into a Double-D brat in a bikini I would lose both my mind, and my faith in that specific read for sure.

How precious is her book-mark?

This is what she thinks of the old Starfire.

“She’s like me. She’s an alien new to the planet and maybe she doesn’t always say the right thing, or know the right thing to do. But she’s a good friend, and she helps people. She’s strong enough to fight the bad guys, even when they hurt her. Even her sister tried to kill her, but Starfire still fights for the good side. And she helps the other heroes, like Superboy and Robin and Raven. She’s smart too. And sometimes she gets mad, but that’s okay because it’s okay to get mad when people are being mean. And she’s pretty.”

This is what she thinks of the new Starfire;

“I can see almost all of her boobs… Well she is on the beach in her bikini. But… she’s not relaxing or swimming. She’s just posing a lot… she’s not fighting anyone. And not talking to anyone really. She’s just almost naked and posing.”

And when asked if the new Starfire is a good hero, replies;

“Not really.”

In this day and age, unfortunately, I don’t think there is much that can be done to change how over-sexed culture in general is becoming. That doesn’t mean I cant remain slightly apathetic and long for the golden age of comic books again.

Top 5 Comic Book Crushes.

November 26, 2010

This is essentially a list of fictional characters from specifically comic book characters that I would sleep with. Im not going to pretend otherwise. This is, actually, in a particular order:


5. Desire from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”.

Ambiguity makes me want things.

Desire from Sandman is gender ambiguous and it is definitely the appeal for me. Desire comes off so casual, sensual and natural. When I first read Sandman when I was younger I thought he/she was the epitome of romance and sensuality – although, at that age – and maybe even at my current age im still trying to figure out what that is. Oh, Desire.


4.  Craig Thompson from “Blankets”.

Craig Thompson is actually the writer and artist for this autobiographical graphic novel. I’ve read it too many times that I literally cant keep track. Craig grows up in a strict christian family home, and is bright but terribly awkward. The story is about his first love, Raina. While it eventually all falls apart and disappears as these things often do, he was so sweet and awkward with her that I just cant help but love his character.


3. Mr. Sensitive/Orphan from “X-Statix/X-Force”.


Your loss, Venus Dee Milo.

Despite having prominent suicidal tendencies, and everyone he cares about eventually dies around him – he is such a romantic I’d be more than willing to take that chance. That is, if he wasn’t dead. He died on his retirement mission from the X-Force. My heart still hurts.


2. Wade Wilon / Deadpool.

She had to go. Im sorry.

Deadpool is horribly disfigured and mentally unstable – but he is so quick and funny, and his ability to break the fourth wall in comics led him to be one of my favorites very quickly. I’d rub Vitamin E oil all over him. True story.


1. Peter Parker / Spiderman.


I will whisper sweet scientific formulas in your ear.

Nerd. Awkward. Clever. Science-y. Bad with girls. Good with girls. Witty. Glasses. Studious. A little strange. I’ve loved Peter Parker since I was really young, and my list of reasons why only grows with age. Yow.






Kitty Pryde Works at Hooters!

October 20, 2010

The more you know, right? I guess it’s a slow season for the X-Men. My friend pointed me in the direction of this awesome costume contest. This girl lives locally and is a nerdy Hooters waitress by day and a writer for!  Im sure some of you are questioning how she even exists right now, but while you’re scratchin’ your heads, go over and vote for her Kitty Pryde costume here then pass it along. She should of been cast as Kitty in the X-Men movies, for real.


Vote For Me!

You can also follow her antics on her Twitter.

Am I jealous of her costume? That goes without saying, but any Kitty Pryde fan is good in my book. Especially when they represent the nerd community so, so well.

Musical Monday > Manic Monday

August 30, 2010

I like music. I think most people do. I like it more when it has some sort of nerdy connection. Most people would probably judge my iPod pretty hard, but 8bit music just speaks to me, okay? How doI get pumped before a night of heavy drinking? I listen to the Excite Bike theme. That may or may not be true. Judge away.

Here is The Clash at Demon Head song “Black Sheep” from Scott Pilgrim! This scene from the movie is one of my favorites, as is the Todd Ingram fight!

( The movie version as sung by “Envy Adams” not the Metric version! )

Here is an 8-bit version of easily my favorite song ever.

“In The Garage” by Weezer! =w=


I`ve got the dungeon Master`s Guide
I`ve got a 12-sided die
I`ve got Kitty Pryde
and Nightcrawler too
Waiting there for me
yes I do, I do

I`ve got posters on the wall
My favorite rock group KISS
I`ve got Ace Frehley
I`ve got Peter Criss
Waiting there for me
yes I do, I do

In the garage
I feel safe
No one cares about my ways
In the garage
Where I belong
No one hears me sing this song
In the garage

I`ve got an electric guitar
I play my stupid songs
I write these stupid words
and I love every one
Waiting there for me
Yes I do, I do

Krysti Pryde Vs. The World

August 21, 2010

Did you know you can make your own Scott Pilgrim-esque avatar over at the website? It is really a lot of fun, and there are a lot of options. Check me out, i’d have to say it is pretty accurate!

Go create yourself!

Great Romances of the 20th Century.

August 17, 2010

I have compiled a short list of some of my favorite geek-culture romances. What are your favorite geek-culture romances? I had a long list but did my best to keep it short and list the ones very near-and-dear to my heart. In no particular order:

1. Craig and Raina of the Graphic Novel “Blankets”

This will forever be one of the most moving and visually appealing reads I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. It’s one of those reads that is so real and relatable it almost physically pains you to finish, and when you do finish you’re left thinking about it days after. It’s a coming of age story about first love and first heartbreak, sexuality and spirituality. Blankets is one of those reads that changed my literary life so much, I ask everyone I get to know and care about if they’ve read it, and if they haven’t, I lend it to them or buy them a copy.

2. Zidane Tribal and Garnet Alexandros of Final Fantasy 9

First, this is my favorite Final Fantasy. Hands down, no contest. I could replay this every month for the rest of my life. It’s a quirky fantasy story set in a magical and medieval setting.  Zidane is part of a band of thieves, sent to the kingdom of Alexandria to kidnap their princess: Garnet Alexandros. Garnet is a fairly unconventional princess. She is sharp, witty, rowdy and it turns out, she wants to be kidnapped. Before Zidane can physically kidnap her himself, she approaches him demanding he kidnap her “right away”.

From here they embark on an amazing journey where they make new friends and enemies, encounter spirits and monsters, fly on airships and every character is on their own journey of self discovery. At one point in the story, Zidane inspires Garnet so much, she cuts her hair short and goes by the alias “Dagger”. I wont spoil the ending of the game, but I will say it is worth a play.

3. Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa of Star Wars

Star Wars is iconic, and I believe so is Han and Leia’s relationship through out the series. Both characters have sharp tongues and a lot to say – which results in both a passionate and at times hilarious relationship. Growing up I wanted to be Princess Leia so bad. I just thought she was so tough and fantastic. I wanted a guy just like Han Solo to keep me on my toes.  Their relationship is elaborated much more in the books. Did you know they have twins? Yup.  Jaina and Jacen.

4. Kitty Pryde ( Shadowcat ) and Piotr Rasputin ( Colossus )

I think it’s obvious I am probably the biggest  Kitty Pryde fan. Ever.  I was also always a big Colossus fan. So when they hooked up I was pretty elated. Kitty loved Piotr blindly and faithfully for who he was, and while Piotr reciprocated, it wasnt with the same passion. In Secret Wars, Piotr falls in love with an Alien women named Zsaji, she eventually died, but when Piotr returned to earth, he broke up with Kitty. They remained friends, but as in most situations like this, were more aloof around each other. At one point, Kitty had to exploit Piotr for the sake of mission, and while she hated doing it, the thought of how badly he had hurt her made her go through with it.  At another point in the story, Piotr beats up Kitty’s current boyfriend, Pete Wisdom, showing he still has feelings for her. Unfortunately Piotr dies later on, and Kitty has to spread his ashes back home.

He is later brought back by Joss Whedon ( a huge Kitty Pryde fan ) in Astonishing X-Men and he and Kitty rekindle their relationship passionately. At this point, and it pains me to say it, Kitty is not “dead” but trapped in a giant bullet that is currently  phasing through the earth. Kitty gave herself up to save the planet, shortly after she and Colossus worked things out. They simply cant catch a break.

5. Peter Parker ( Spider-Man ) and Mary Jane Watson

Ooooh, Mary Jane. How jealous of you I was when I was 6 years old and in love with Spider-man. I’ve since got over it and love their whole dynamic. Girl next door and secret super-hero; how perfect. I love that Peter, a true nerd, fawned after his friend and neighbor for years, and that she was always so warm and understanding with him. She is an A+ broad and I love that through all their trials and tribulations, kidnappings and various other otherworldly mishaps, they can end up together. You know you’ve got the perfect girl when she keeps your identity a secret and packs you a lunch before you jump out of your 10 story window in a spider costume.


* Brock and every Nurse Joy ever

For a Pokemon Trainer that specializes in Rock-type Pokemon, he sure has a soft spot for the ladies. Brock would lose his damn mind whenever in the vicinity of a Nurse Joy. I’d put money down that he would take his Pokemon to a health center even when they weren’t sick, just to see a Nurse Joy. Brock claims he can tell all the identical Nurse Joys apart. That is how much he loves them. Although, he often has to be restrained around them by a friend – thats how much he loves them.


July 16, 2010

No, really, judging from this here article, we are all going to hell in a hand-basket pod racer.

Mutant after my own heart.

July 3, 2010

Good ole’ Molly Hayes. She is a character in Marvel Comic’s fantastic series “Runaways” about a group of kids who find out their parents are Super Villains and involved in a not-so-nice secret society. True to the title of the comic, the kids, with interesting mutant abilities themselves, ban together, and you guessed it – run away.

I love this read so much. I have read through it several times and have spent countless hours at Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and flipping through it to relive memorable moments.

Molly Hayes ( also known briefly as “Bruiser” and “Princess Powerful” ) is easily my favorite character of the series. One of the youngest mutants, her innocence is often a source of comic-relief, which is why I adore her. She is gifted with super-strength and invulnerability.

If you haven’t picked up Runaways – please do! At least loiter at your local book store and flip through the first trade.

Oh, no big deal.

Oh, no big deal.