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Testing, 1…2.

December 20, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to get my blog posts to automatically post to my tumblr. I am usually bad with this sort of stuff. This is just a random test post to see if i’ve got it, and to sort of tell you to please look at my tumblr. if you have one, add me. i follow every new follower. i post namely nerd shit, science shit, bike shit and tattoo shit. surprise, surprise.


Here is an pretty intriguing picture for your time:


Here is a bizarre but true story for your time:

I went to see Black Swan tonight, and before the last finale dance started, this couple who had been talking and giggling at ever sexy scene ( i.e the whole movie ) were being loud, so I turned around to ask them to PLEASE stop talking. In short, the couple were a pair of BODYBUILDING gay dudes – easily 3-4 times my size. One guy freaks out instantly and SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I can not make this shit up. This is my life. I didnt get to see the last ten minutes, but, up until that the movie was griping and flawless. Go see it! Just dont get slapped by giant men because the cops cant do shit.



SAW 3D..?

November 3, 2010

I went to see SAW 3D and had to keep adjusting my glasses to their on and off position because I sincerely thought I may of been in the 2D showing. Not so much. Normally I enjoy SAW movies because they are mindless and I enjoy thinking how the traps could actually work. All I’ve got to say is the various villains in SAW all have to be AV nerds or computer networkers because the amount of camera systems, timed TV and radio playbacks are usually more interesting than the actual plot of the movie.

I wish I could write in great detail how disappointing this film actually was, but I think my brain was asleep for most of it. The most interesting part was in the start, where two young boys and a women are in what seems to be a glassed display case in a downtown shopping area somewhere.  The boys who are both dating the girl have to either kill her, or sacrifice themselves, or kill the other.  Shoppers watch this happen, and take pictures on their camera phones, which was the most horrifying part of the movie to me since if this were to actually happen, I think most people would do this and nothing else. For a 3D horror/gore movie, there is no reason that guts shouldn’t be flying everywhere. The best part of this shit-storm was seeing the Tron Legacy trailer in the previews.


In short, id rather pay 13 bucks to watch an episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and that shit is boring.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

July 2, 2010

This comic book has been one of my favorites for a long time, so I was a little surprised when the making of its movie escaped my radar until fairly recently. I am ashamed, as im usually at the front of any and all comic book or video game related movies. I think the movie will be phenomenal – whether you’re into the comic itself or have never read it, it will be a great adventure.

I dont think Im alone in saying that I think Micheal Cera is a bit Type-cast. I also dont think im alone in saying that he is perfectly cast in his role as Scott Pilgrim.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, I suggest you go over and play on the website and check it out:!

Long story short for those of you that havent read ( but should ) – Scott Pilgrim meets a girl. He likes said girl, but he has to defeat her 7 evil exes before he can have her. Totally a classic boy-meets-girl love story, right?

Oh, and you better believe there will be a lengthy review after I see this movie the minute it comes out. Stay tuned.