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Tattoo Art & Dangerously Dolly

January 9, 2013

While derping around online between several video game forums, I tabbed over to Twitter to see what was good, and saw I had a mention from @DangerslyDolly – which is always exciting because she a fantastic woman, high-level Demon Hunter and a photography wizard. I’ve worked with her twice now, and was always extremely satisfied with my pictures, but more so, always really happy with experience. She is funny, professional and real. I love her attitude. ANYWAYS – enough gushing. She took some photos of me a while ago that landed me on the cover of a tattoo magazine, which has always been on my “bucket list”, and I found out via twitter that another image she took of me landed me an embarrassingly large page in a tattoo book! So, you can totally have me on your coffee table if you wanted. The book is called “Tattoo Art by Russ Thorne” and you can by it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble. A Twitter friend from Ireland said he saw it in a book store over there as well, so just keep an eye out! If you come across it, please take a picture of my page ( and you! ) and tweet it to me! Here is the cover of the book and my page ( with some other fancy ladies! ) so check it out!


“Tattoo Art is a stunning survey of some of the most amazing tattoo work being done today. Over 140 photographs full of character, colour and attitude showcase the many styles and images with which people are marking their bodies, while a fascinating discussion of tattooing as cultural phenomenon and art form, as well as what some tattoos mean and what to think about before getting one yourself, runs alongside. In addition, throughout the book you will find feature spreads dedicated to some of the most talented and innovative tattoo artists working around the world, with photographs showing the progression of pieces from design or outline to finished tattoo. Whether you are a tattoo fiend, thinking about braving the needle or simply appreciate eye-boggling artwork, look on in awe.”


Please follow Dangerously Dolly on her twitter, and if you want to look at some other pretty tattooed ladies then do yourself the favor and check out her official site! Go show her some love, and please, check out the book! I leave you all with the high res image used in the book. Thanks for all the support!


Extra-Life: Play Games, Heal Kids ( Now with more FragDolls! )

September 18, 2012

For those of you that are unaware, I am a Frag Doll finalist. I am one of 9 girls in the running to be the next Frag Doll, and for me that means making my gaming career dreams come true. Beyond career dreams, I will be attaining personal and moral goals of reaching out to people in the gaming community, competing again and working with a group of girls to help build excitement in the industry by organizing events.

One such event is the Extra Life charity they are partaking in. I personally love this charity, and have donated and participated in streams to raise money for a couple of years now. If you’re not familiar with Extra Life the idea is simple – play games, heal kids. You can donate at any time, but most participators organize events in which they stream gaming and work to earn your donations. A lot of these streams go for 12 to 24 hours. All proceeds go to the children’s hospital of the streamers choosing. The Frag Dolls are running several events to raise money to reach their goal amount which they will donate to Oakland Childrens Hospital.

Check out the Frag Dolls YouTube channel and their website for more videos of the girls and more information on their Extra Life shenanigans! This year, whether I make it as a Frag Doll or not I will be supporting Extra Life through the Dolls’ – so please join me for all their streams, and donate! Even if its just a couple bucks, it makes a difference. The beautiful thing about gaming is our community. We are a huge community and we can and do make a huge difference. Think, if you just put off getting that DLC for one more week and donate that money you will quite literally be changing a child’s life for the better. It feels good – I promise! The Dolls reward charitable behavior by offering rewards and give-aways. If you support me and the Dolls, I will be doing my own 12 or 24 hour stream! I know a lot of you have been asking for me to do a 12 hour stream, and if you tweet the Frag Dolls and let them know you’re supporting them through me, I’ll do a personal stream. I have a huge library of games across all sorts of consoles, and would love to play with anyone joining the stream. All money I raise will also go towards the Dolls efforts to helps kids at Oakland Children’s Hospital. Help me help them help kids! Say that three times fast, phew!

Follow the Frag Dolls!






Lets all harness our inner Dr. Mario and help kids.

By playing video games.

I won’t take no for an answer!


Thanks For Playing: Bastion, Quantum Conundrum, Terraria

July 25, 2012

Oh, hey! So, I was kidnapped briefly by a band of Jawa’s, but after some bartering and slave labor I am back home, blogging safely. I have been asked a lot recently about my YouTube channel and if/when I would ever put content up on it again. I had really only wanted to review The Tester episodes as they aired, because I don’t quite understand the YouTube universe, but people keep subscribing and asking, and I figured hey – it would be another way to get content up on my blog, so why not? Everyone wins. I think.

Regardless, I want to get as much content as I can up on here again, and this would be a great way. Maybe I’ll even get the hang of it. I’ll basically be reviewing and discussing games I’m playing, experiences and eventually I’ll try to get some streams up. I get asked every day what I am currently playing, and making a video and a short blog entry is not only great for me, but an easy way to answer that question. It would be awesome if you guys would answer in a response video, or a comment with what YOU are playing – give me ideas! I am crazy and video game hungry and NOTHING CAN STOP ME.

+10 internet points if you make it through the entire thing.

Maxim Magazine wants a “Girl Gamer”.

April 5, 2012

To a lot of women, gaming and the industry is a proverbial clubhouse with a large “No Girls Allowed” sign nailed to the front. Unfortunately, with sexism still being a prevalent issue in the world in general – primarily in a male dominated industry like gaming, it’s not surprising more girls are not active participators. Like a lot of kids my age, I grew up playing video games and as I grew older, developed an interest in them that transcended just casually playing them. For me, video games have always been my primary interest, I didn’t realize that this was regarded as “unique” until I got into my late teens or early twenties. That is when I started hearing the term “girl gamer” and guys started regarding me as a unicorn of sorts. Granted, I didn’t know a lot of other girls personally that had an interest in the industry, but I never really thought about it NOT being a gender neutral activity. I grew up gaming with a lot of guys, and it was never an issue. Now, at nearly 27, the past several years I have noticed quite a transition within the community. With the gaming community undoubtedly growing larger, it would almost seem “en vogue” to play games. Girls who now never played games are getting into the community, some even competing competitively, or promoting themselves by running YouTube channels about games. Are these girls legitimate, or pandering towards a vulnerable audience? It’s hard to say, but guys will either fawn over them or relentlessly question their authenticity. While other girl gamers should be embracing them as part of their special sub-culture, most are secretly competing to be the “better” girl gamer – as if there can only be one. This community is a double-edged sword. Guys get up in arms about “girl gamers” saying it negates equality, but then either put them on a pedestal or tear them down entirely. Girls focus on the sexism that is so destructively prevalent in gaming, yet rarely embrace and support other female game players. As a community sharing such a consummate love for one common denominator, we are surely doing a great job segregating ourselves.

This brings me to Maxim Magazines Gamer Girl contest. I will admit that I had some reservations about the contest. I knew Maxim probably cared little about the girls credentials and passion for the industry, and was probably looking for the nicest pair of peripherals instead. It aggravated me to think so many fantastical qualified girls would be overshadowed by professional models looking for an easy way into getting noticed by Maxim. I decided even though I am not typical Maxim material, that I am more than qualified to represent the community. I decided to compete, not necessarily to win but to represent female gamers in a positive light. To draw attention to the fact that this community is suffering from a debilitating separation. There is absolutely no problem with a girl being proud that she games, just like it’s okay for any other person to be proud of whatever it is they do. Men, and even other girls mistake this as attention seeking. I am hoping that men will notice not all of us depend on playing games to define us or to garner attention. I am hoping other girls can put aside their egotistical self-perseverance and embrace other female game players as part of their family. So far, this contest is a prime example of the “Dark Side” of the community. A lot of girls pandering their sexuality and not their credibility at all, and on the other side, there are lots of men that seemingly come to the site solely to tear the women apart. Why? This mental process eludes me. I read and hear very often that men wish they could find a female to game with, and when they are presented with a proverbial buffet they act like monkeys and throw their own shit.

In my honest opinion, I will support any girl taking an interest in the industry, like I do with any of my male friends. There shouldn’t be such a division within the community and industry, but we are the ones perpetuating these stereotypes. There are already an overwhelming amount of ladies pleading they are “the real deal” while trying to discredit other gamers. This is embarrassing to not only the individual, but to gamers as a whole. Contests like this truly bring out the worst in people, with the only silver lining being you can network and make some great industry friends throughout the process. I truly feel when men stop perpetuating all the misogyny in gaming, maybe girls will feel the need to stop impetuously proving themselves. I am realistic enough to understand we can’t 100% eliminate sexism within the community, because to do that sexism has to be extinguished in its entirety – and I just don’t see that ever coming to fruition. What we can do though, is break down these stereotypes and truly embrace our reverence for the industry and view every gamer as equal. Whether you’re a competitive gamer, casual, trophy hunter, FPS only or you prefer PC over console – It shouldn’t matter; I have my fingers crossed for the day that it doesn’t.

Power, Wisdom, Courage: Rest in Peace TriForce Mike.

February 3, 2012

I grew up with this kid. He was one of my greatest friends “growing up” during some really important years. This kid and I would dress up as super-heros and run through the mall. We would set up LAN parties and game until we passed out in a hallway. We would have hour long discussions about The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time was the best game ever. We’d play at the park at night, trespass and tell the cops we were Zombies. We’d have Ninja Turtle pizza parties.  We’d have super-soaker wars. We’d spend hours at Denny’s drawing and playing with legos. We’d spend hours going through old action figures and playing NES games. One time he got really drunk, asked me to shave his head, and ran naked into neighboring dorms pillaging their beer and snacks. We’d have comic book debates for hours. This kid was the personified Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, and it’s only fitting that his name was Micheal. Some knew him as Mike Pandel, others as Triforce Mike, a force within the nerd community. I just knew him as one of my greatest childhood friends and adventure partners. Mike was taken away from us several days ago by a senseless bicycle accident. As his friend and a fellow cyclist, I’m still processing all my feelings towards this.

There is no doubt Mike is loved by so many. This is prevalent in all the love that has flooded his Facebook and other forums in the days following his departure to a place I can only hope is similar to Hyrule. Everything that can be said, has already been said dozens of times by everyone that knew him. It’s worth repeating because he is so deserving of it. He’s friendly, intelligent, passionate – and what makes him truly unique to many, is that he is undoubtedly his own person. Never worried about what anyone thinks, he is one of the most care-free individuals I have ever met. He is extremely contagious. Hanging out with Mike was sort of like taking a warp whistle to a different land. One that was fun and innocent. This is a rare quality, I feel, and absolutely Mikes best. It’s hard to write coherently about losing someone. I could ramble forever, and fill this blog with sad recollections and pictures and videos. Mike would hate that. Mikes true goal in life was to just be happy, and have fun, which is a thought process that I definitely share. So, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that with every Zelda game I play, with every comic book I read, every pizza or dorrito I eat, every convention I attend, every action figure I touch, every bike ride I take – Mike will be at the front of my mind. He will never truly be gone. I think there is something extremely special about keeping someone so close in that respect. How someones departure can change you in such a way, for the better.


I cant convey how much I will miss you or how appreciative I am to have known you. There is no measurement for feelings like these. I just hope you’re in Hyrule, eating pizza and drinking beer. Naked.


The Tester 3 Trailer.

January 18, 2012

Finally, the trailer for The Tester 3 has gone live. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now, namely because I’m a sucker for nostalgia and I wanted to see my nerd family again, and re-live some of our antics in the house. It was truly great, and albeit slightly embarrassing, to see your existence played out in front of you. When you’re in the house, you get so used to the cameras being there that you almost forget you’re being filmed, so it’s really something  to see from another perspective what was going on. With that said, I really cant wait to see these episodes. I truly hope you guys enjoy it, and I cant wait to see just how magical the wonders of editing truly are.

Also, I will be reviewing every episode on my YouTube  Channel, so feel free to subscribe. I’ll do my own reviews, and will also be reviewing episodes with other members of the cast. If you’re really bored, have no video games to play, or want to feel better about yourself, you should definitely check out the internet pollution that is the YouTube comments on the trailer and other related Tester videos.

New Year, New ….News?

January 6, 2012

First of all, Happy New Year! Secondly – ever look at a word too long and start to realize how weird it looks, then you think you’re spelling it wrong? I just had that moment while typing the title for this blog. New. What a weird-looking word. Anyways!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. I’ve been a horrible blogger. I’ve been so busy with so many things. Also, i’ve been lazy. Really lazy. I’m not even going to lie. I’ll do my best to catch you all up on everything, but if you follow me on Twitter than you probably already have an idea. I am really glad that I can finally announce that I was chosen from hundreds of applicants to be on the show Sony Playstation The Tester: Season 3! Out of hundreds, twelve hardcore gamers are picked to live in a house with each other, and compete in video game related challenges. Every week someone is eliminated based on performance in said challenges! There are a lot of surprises in eliminations and for the most part, it’s never easy to say goodbye to your room-mates, who become more like family as the days go by. There is the obvious drama – no doubt about that, but you’ll have to watch to fully appreciate it. We are all competing for a chance to be in the final episode, where the top three gamers compete against each other for the ultimate reward. The reward is a job, working on an unreleased title at Santa Monica studios. Which is a HUGE deal – Santa Monica is responsible for the God of War series. Being able to work there would be a dream for most avid gamers. As if that wasn’t enough, there are other tech prizes, a $5,000 signing bonus and a fucking car. So, yeah, as much as we all loved each other, shit gets REAL interesting when you’re all competing for all of that. The Tester Season 3 airs Febuary 7th. Until then, check out the cast bios and videos on the site

I did some photo-shoots recently that I haven’t posted. Namely just fun stuff, tattoo magazine stuff,  my favorite of which was this comic book themed shoot where I was both a hero, and a villain. If I were to actually pursue a career in villainy – sequin booty shorts would probably actually be my first choice as far as costuming goes. Totally practical. I have some projects lined up that are Playstation/Video Game themed – Which im excited for. I dont model much anymore, unless its a favor – but any nerdy project, sign me the hell up.

I have been an avid World of Warcraft nerd since the game made its debut. I can talk about that game for hours. So you’re best not to get me started. It really made me a true fan of MMO games. Ultima Online was like my gate-way drug of MMO’s, and WoW sealed the deal. Now, outside of loving MMO games and talking shit to assholes on vent, I really love the Star Wars universe. Maybe more than I love dragons – and thats a lot. So, now with the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic I had to hang up my wands and potions, and oh, any and all of my spare time. With the epic-fucking-fail that was Star Wars: Galaxies, I was a little concerned. I felt a little better knowing BioWare was involved, and as I ferociously YouTubed game play videos, I realized then this was truly going to be a gem. I had no idea just how great, though. Im sorry, but the story in this game ( IN MY OPINION ) blows Warcrafts out of the water. The ability to make decisions through your quests is fantastic. The voice acting is amazing. All the races and classes are great – I STILL cant decide what class to focus on leveling, because they are all truly so fun. The environments are fantastic – and this game still stays true to the heart of the Star Wars lore and universe. Basically, Im in love. If I didn’t learn self control during my Warcraft days, id play this game for day with little to know sleep. Lets just talk about what a babe my Chiss Bounty Hunter Mercenary is. Seriously. You can find her on the server Tarentatek. Her name is Pryde. Add her up!

I’d also like to point out how much will power it took to chose to do this blog entry rather than level her up. That’s a big deal. Any pathetically addicted MMO’er will know.

Things I Love Thursday!

October 27, 2011

1. Playstation: I’ve always been an avid gamer, and recently i’ve been throwing myself back in, deep, by revisiting classics. I love the Playstation Network for allowing me such an array of classic games for download. I’m currently revisiting FF7, FF8, FF9 and Ninja Gaiden. So good! Also, for the past three months I have been trying out for The Tester. The competition has made its way towards the end, and it’s been a really eventful ride – so you may or may not see me on this coming season! Stay tuned! If I dont update next Thursday – then you’ll know for sure!

2. Dr. Pepper Chapstick: This stuff taste like shit, really. Not like Dr. Pepper at all. I mean, sort of, but regardless, I keep buying it for nostalgic reasons, since I used to buy it with my allowance as a kid. I love it, for sure, and recently thy started making it with “a hint of color”. Oooh la la.

3. Marceline: I gave this hot B’ her own post a while ago, but she deserves to be thrown in again since I’ll probably be dressing up as her for Halloween. She is my favorite Adventure Time character ( next to Jake ) and I wish so badly that I had a replica of her Axe Bass. She’s as smooth and as badass as her bass. Truth.

4. Dunkin Donuts Iced-Coffee: Even though I consider myself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, I still have always preferred Dunkin Donuts. Call me a sell-out, I dont give a shit. This stuff is delicious, and where else can I get a Tuna Salad Sandwich and a pumpkin muffin? Come on.

5. Cold Weather Music: There are a lot of bands and songs that I directly equate with the coming on of colder weather. The short list is Modest Mouse, The Faint, Cursive, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, Dashboard and Postal Service. Now is the time when this music best hits me, and I play it on repeat. I wait all year for this feeling, and it can not be topped. Ever.

6. Purple Hair: I have really been digging purple hair lately; There is no real reason to prompt this. I think I have been toying with the idea of going lighter the past  year or two, but not wanting to stay my natural color of blonde. The idea of light purple hair really entices me, because its lighter, one of my favorite colors, and relatively cartoony, but I have been holding off because my boy has expressed disinterest. Who knows, though, the dye has been ordered and delivered, so anything could happen.

7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses: I usually wear prescription glasses which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to wear Sunglasses, but, since i’ve been wearing contacts lately, I’ve gone Sunglass shopping. I didnt like anything I tried on – but then I found a pair of Cat-eye shaped glasses and I am convinced they are the only shape for me, and will never wear another type. I feel these look great on anyone, and Target of all places has a great selection.

8. Cider: Beer doesn’t agree with me so well, because I have a pretty severe allergy to gluten, so I have been drinking cider recently. Which is both delicious and fitting of the season. My favorite will always be Strongbow, but, Woodchuck makes a few delicious varieties that my tummy and I appreciate. If you’re a big beer drinker, but you find yourself puffy or waking up sluggish after drinking, try drinking cider instead!


Saying Goodbye: The Space-Age

July 18, 2011

These sorts of entries are hard to start. So I usually just give up, and start them with a sort of apathetic clumsiness. Once I get going, it’s sort of hard to stop talking about issues that hit closer to home than normal. I will try not to turn this into a biased rant, but as a Floridian, American, Science-lover and Space enthusiast, I knew I had to write something about the ending of the NASA Space Travel program. It’s therapeutic, at the very least. When I first heard from a friend while out at a club one night, that they were considering cutting the funding for the Space program – I dismissed it entirely because it just seemed so crazy to me. I went home and did some research and my heart sank into my stomach. It was true – they didn’t have the funding to continue the program anymore, and my very first thought was “Oh, so we have the money to fund a fake war, cost people their lives needlessly,  but something as entirely American as the Space Program, something that incites hope and awe, we can just pull the plug and walk away from?” It’s no big surprise that this nation doesn’t have its priorities competitively straight, but this just took me entirely by surprise. It kills me to think that when I was a child, I wanted to be an Astronaut – among other things, and that now kids can no longer say that. It’s just become an archaic profession. That just hasn’t sunk in yet, really. The fact that no other Americans will go into space in the foreseeable future honestly disturbs me. We are Earthbound. Frank Bruni, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times said it best: “The programs end carries the force of a cruel metaphor, coming at a time where limits are all we talk about – we have no stars in our eyes.”.

It feels as if Americas sense of discovery is over.

Cruel metaphor, indeed.

The problem is that acceptable reasons alone — national security, economic benefit, scientific discovery —  don’t fully explain why we should launch ourselves into space. Rather, the true justification for space exploration is that such enterprises speak abundantly to our sense of human curiosity, of wonder and awe, and because they lift up human hearts everywhere when we do them.

A melancholy message scribbled on the board by a now ex-astronaut in their meeting room.

I can only hope that this break will allow bigger and better things to come to fruition, although I can’t say I’m crossing any fingers or holding my breath. This whole decision to me has me so completely faithless in humanity. Without a sense of wonder or adventure, something for people to look up or believe in, we wont be able to get by day-by-day. I firmly believe in that. I don’t want to look up at the sky every night, and think to myself “Remember that time we put men on the moon? Those were the good ole’ days.” No. I want to look up, and know that we are going to do more, that there is so much to know outside of what Telescopes can show us. Space may be the “Final Frontier” – but not exploring it at all is way to “final” for me. Every time I see a Florida state quarter, with the Space ship emblazoned on the back, it kills me to know that is no longer a part of our adventure as a state and nation. I can’t imagine something that was so tangible, becoming literal science-fiction. How have we got so far off course.

A father and son at the first and last shuttle launch.

I cant help but feel that we are taking steps backwards with decisions like funding these bullshit wars, cutting iconic and inspiring programs, and caring less about people and trying to pass everything off as a sort of utilitarianism. I could complain all the time, move to a different country, or give up all hope – but I wont do any of that. I wont let the decisions of idiots in power compromise my sense of adventure and discovery. Ever. As far as I’m concerned, I still want to be an Astronaut when I grow up.

Queen of the Universe.

June 27, 2011

If I was Queen of the Universe, I would make it so that all traffic lights were Space Invader themed. So – you all just wait. I put my application in for Queen of the Universe the other day, im just waiting to hear back. Sooo, until then, I’m just making a list of all the things im planning to do.

I had a few people send me questions on Formspring about how they would like me to post more about my life and myself on some of my posts here, so even though im boring I will try to keep you all up to date. Recently I got a job at a pretty neat concert venue, and Im excited to start this week. Other than ending my job search, I’ve been spending time with my friends and trying to fill myself up with love and dancing a lot. I’ve been working on several photoshoot projects with a really talented South Florida photographer named Emilee Rose. We are currently shooting for some flyers, magazines and a website, and next we are shooting for a makeup company.  She is still editing a lot of the photos, but here is one of the finished ones for now.

Clark, the spider, was too scared to get his feet wet.

 This photo was taken at night in a really creepy canal near the entrance to a sewer tunnel. It was thundering and we had a lot of interesting wild-life visitors for the few hours that we shot. I absolutely adore the results and got a sweet arm workout from holding that heavy ass lantern. I am excited to post more images as Emilee edits and sends them to me. Please go like her facebook page, and if you are in Florida, get at her for shoots!

So, other than all that, i’ve just been trying to get more into World of Warcraft until the new Star Wars MMO comes out. Then that will basically take over my life, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Here is a little preview of some in-game play!