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Power, Wisdom, Courage: Rest in Peace TriForce Mike.

February 3, 2012

I grew up with this kid. He was one of my greatest friends “growing up” during some really important years. This kid and I would dress up as super-heros and run through the mall. We would set up LAN parties and game until we passed out in a hallway. We would have hour long discussions about The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time was the best game ever. We’d play at the park at night, trespass and tell the cops we were Zombies. We’d have Ninja Turtle pizza parties.  We’d have super-soaker wars. We’d spend hours at Denny’s drawing and playing with legos. We’d spend hours going through old action figures and playing NES games. One time he got really drunk, asked me to shave his head, and ran naked into neighboring dorms pillaging their beer and snacks. We’d have comic book debates for hours. This kid was the personified Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, and it’s only fitting that his name was Micheal. Some knew him as Mike Pandel, others as Triforce Mike, a force within the nerd community. I just knew him as one of my greatest childhood friends and adventure partners. Mike was taken away from us several days ago by a senseless bicycle accident. As his friend and a fellow cyclist, I’m still processing all my feelings towards this.

There is no doubt Mike is loved by so many. This is prevalent in all the love that has flooded his Facebook and other forums in the days following his departure to a place I can only hope is similar to Hyrule. Everything that can be said, has already been said dozens of times by everyone that knew him. It’s worth repeating because he is so deserving of it. He’s friendly, intelligent, passionate – and what makes him truly unique to many, is that he is undoubtedly his own person. Never worried about what anyone thinks, he is one of the most care-free individuals I have ever met. He is extremely contagious. Hanging out with Mike was sort of like taking a warp whistle to a different land. One that was fun and innocent. This is a rare quality, I feel, and absolutely Mikes best. It’s hard to write coherently about losing someone. I could ramble forever, and fill this blog with sad recollections and pictures and videos. Mike would hate that. Mikes true goal in life was to just be happy, and have fun, which is a thought process that I definitely share. So, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that with every Zelda game I play, with every comic book I read, every pizza or dorrito I eat, every convention I attend, every action figure I touch, every bike ride I take – Mike will be at the front of my mind. He will never truly be gone. I think there is something extremely special about keeping someone so close in that respect. How someones departure can change you in such a way, for the better.


I cant convey how much I will miss you or how appreciative I am to have known you. There is no measurement for feelings like these. I just hope you’re in Hyrule, eating pizza and drinking beer. Naked.


Time Machine: 90’s Summer Toys

July 5, 2011

Summer Vacation. No two words can incite a bigger riot within the hearts of kids anywhere. Ever. I remember in 4th grade, the bell rang on the last day of school and hundreds of tiny bodies flipped furniture and threw paper like confetti. One kid even knocked a fish-tank over. Not cool, kid. Whatever – this was the age in which Summer felt most magical, at least to me. I have lots of great Summer Vacation memories as a child. Now Summer Vacation consists of working, sweating, and complaining. Growing up in the 90’s, I had the pleasure of being able to indulge in a time where toys were still cool. That could be the nostalgia talking.

The Super Soaker 300! Or, Super Soaker With The Back-Pack Thing!

Lethal Weapon.

This majestic piece of plastic equipment struck fear into neighborhood kids far and wide. My dad loved me enough to get me one of these, thankfully. Unfortunately, during times of water warfare around the neighborhood, the fear factor of having a tank of water strapped to my back wasn’t enough. It would take me 15 minutes just to fill it, I’d have to pump roughly 214 times just to get enough pressure to make it count and, oh, I couldn’t run with this thing on. I was like Robocop. Moving like a stop-motion animation idiot because this thing literally probably weighed more than me at the time. If I got over-zealous and tried to run, I would just tip over. Granted, I was the only one on my block with this bad boy, so the cool points alone made it worth it. If I had one today, I’d fill it with Champagne.

Skip It! ( A Deadly Weapon )

Raise your hand if you’ve ever severely injured yourself, or someone else, while innocently playing outside on your Skip-It. If you’re not raising your hand you’re a fucking liar and get off my blog. The original Skip-It was actually released in the 70’s at some point, then re-released several years late with a counter on the ball. ( the very best thing. of all. ) The counter was integral to impressing your friends, counting your calories, and scaring the fat kid. Whoever invented this thing must of been into medevil weaponry because this thing was basically no different than a Morning Star. You wind it up then unleash it in the general direction of the kid that stole your SNES games, or just inch close to that girls ankle who told on you that time you were “borrowing” items from peoples backyards to build a tree-fort. Anyone who just stood outside in their drive-way to Skip-It for a few hours — actually, no. No one did that. Regardless, I still love the shit out of this thing.

Slip n’ Slides!

Check out the look of pure judgement on that one kids face.

Slip and slides are a summer staple. Even still for me, at 26. If it’s summer, and you aren’t slipping and sliding at some point – that is a problem. A huge problem. I don’t even care if you don’t have any friends, go to Home Depot and buy yourself some plastic sheeting and butter yourself up and Slide’ around and listen to The Beach Boys. You’re an adult now, drink a wine cooler while you do it too. When I was young, some kids had some boxed Slip n’ Slides, like Crocodile Mile. These were the worst. You get them out of the box, expecting to unfurl an endless amount of fun, and it’s 2feet of thin plastic sheeting with a blow up splash pool at the end, that would undoubtedly be devastated within the first few uses. You better have some flawless grass to lay that bad boy down on, too, or it’s going to be ripped to shreds in minutes, along with your body. You’re better off getting a tarp, and finding a grassy knoll to lay that shit down on. Grab a few Capri Suns and you’re set.

8-bit Bastards.

December 9, 2010

A month ago, Tate’s Comics upstairs gallery Bear and Bird had a themed community art showing with the theme of “Childhood Fears”. They have a different theme every month and anyone is allowed to submit a piece for both show and sale. I recently bought this piece from the Childhood Fears gallery, and I am in love. The artist titled it “8-bit Bastards”.

Can you see me? Hi!

The artists name is “C.Cochran”. So, whoever you are C.Cochran – thanks a lot because I am in love with this.

Nintendo: Fun Facts

November 11, 2010

Several months ago while visiting my friend Chloe in New York we went to the Nintendo store and I snapped some pictures of some interesting and little known Nintendo facts. If I could live anywhere, it would probably be at that Nintendo store.



Look at this glorious device in all of its majesty.



Game Girl.

October 25, 2010

I finally put down the controller long enough to snap a quick picture of the base of my Gameboy Halloween costume. I got my dress from the talented Sew Oeno! She has a lot of different dresses she makes, and she is so nice I bet you could commission her to make something not seen on her Etsy. They are all hand made by her, and are sewn VERY well. I was honestly surprised and delighted when I received it in the mail. It was well packaged, with a few cute little surprises other than the dress. Very happy with the fit and construction. I will definitely buy from her again. Go check out her store!

One day i’ll either get a better camera, or learn how to take pictures. I am the absolute worst. I am really excited for Halloween even though I dont even have ant concrete plans yet. I just like the feeling this time of year brings. This year really feels like it has gone by really, really quickly. That can be both good, and bad. The other day I was feeling sort of nostalgic about colored hair, and decided to incorporate purple and teal on either sides of my head. I took two large panels from underneath my hair, did two bleach sessions and used manic panic and Aussie 3 minute miracle to fight damage and it came out perfect. No damage at all, which is great, since I have been growing my hair for about 3 years now.

Powerglove: The Band

October 4, 2010

I love the Powerglove for being so bad. I love Powerglove the band for being so good.

Manic Monday: Whoops!

August 3, 2010

Neglect. I feel like a bad mother that has locked her baby in a plastic storage bin while I played World of Warcraft for 3 days straight. ( Did you know that story is real? )

I haven’t updated lately because I’ve been working a lot more than usual, still not feeling 100% and have been trying to get some other crafts/reading done while im not in a sleep coma. Good news is im feeling better and well, clearly updating. I’ve been feeling good lately, so I hope this sticks! I’d like to thank my multivitamin! I am trying to reinvent myself a little bit. I want to try new things and be more creative. I want to switch up my look too but am at a loss!

I am getting a new laptop tomorrow! Nothing fancy, just something a little more grown up than this $200 netbook. I will be able to blog and do much more once I finally get it. I found an amazing one for $560 – although I only really wanted to spend 400ish. Should I just go ahead and get the one I love and view it as an investment, or save my cash? I guess we’ll see tomorrow!

Do you remember Mouse Trap? I used to love that game and this pretty much sums it up for most kids, I do believe. Check this video out – it’s great and had me laughing so much, I had to share:

Also, today in the mail I got  a package! This is always exciting as I love getting mail. Look who was inside:


She’s a backpack! This gift was promised to me months ago by Smo! Why he has a Jigglypuff backpack – I didnt ask, but now it’s mine! Thank you Smo, you’re a Super Friend!

I’ll update tomorrow on my new super computer!

…hopefully i can have a sweet set-up like this guy!

Ecto Cooler Field Trip Down Memory Lane.

June 18, 2010

A lot of things make me feel nostalgic – Im just one of those kinds of people. When I go thrifting I run straight for the kids section hoping to find something I used to own 15 years ago.  Shit, the main reason for this blog is to indulge my own nostalgia ( and yours too, I hope. )

Whenever I get into conversations about Elementary school I am quick to bring up:

If you are even remotely in my age group, you remember this. If you went to lunch, or on a field trip, and had one of these in your G.I Joe or Power Ranger lunchbox – you were a hit. People would be willing to trade the entirety of their lunch boxes for just your juice-box. Kids with Capri Sun’s sulked in embarrassment. I dont want your Oreos, your Dunkaroo’s and certainly not your bag of carrots. This juice-box was short lived kid currency.

While made for only a short period of time, there were often imitators later on. A lot had the same ingredients, but werent green, some were green – but made with orange, not tangerines. I dont know – It all got very sad and confusing. I almost felt they should just retire it forever, but then:

ecto cooler


“Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen” while it says “Orange” it shares the same ingredients as Ecto Cooler, which was Tangerine, and is the same color! I don’t know if this is still made either, and while that little scamp Slimer isn’t on the box, who says you cant squeeze it into a cup and pretend?