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Things I Love Thursday…and Friday!

September 11, 2010

1.  Yoshitaka Amano: One of my all time favorite artist. I used to have art books of his and they were the most inspiring things to me. I would give almost anything to draw or paint like him. He does a lot of art for the Final Fantasy series, which is how I learned about him. I would totally kiss him on the cheek. This is my favorite work by him:

2. Love Letters: There is just something romantic about hand written letters. I think its because in this age of technology and instant gratification ( and spellcheck ) it is just easier to write an email or post on someones Facebook wall. I dont like that. I write my feelings down in multiple journals all the time. If I need to share my feelings with someone, chances are if its important enough to me I will write it down in a thoughtfully constructed letter. I always urge my friends to write letters to anyone they are having prblems with. There is just something magical about holding a physical letter in your hands and having the ability to keep it on you, and keep it forever. My neck tattoo sort of depicts how much I really do favor letters; especially love letters:

done by Steve Whittenberger of Rockabilly Tattoo in Lauderhill, Florida.

3. CHEESEBURGERS: I watched a show called “Freaky Eaters” on TLC and it was about a man who only ate Cheeseburgers his entire life. Literally. I was inspired so now Steve and I go to Wendys. I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER.

4. Flavored Vodka: I will forever be a Gin & Tonic fan, but lately i’ve been really into weird flavored Vodka and flavored club soda, or Sprite. It tastes like Skittles. TRY IT.

5. E.T: One of my favorite movies of all time. Forever. ET and Jurassic Park were my staples growing up. I am currently have an E.T related costume in the works for Halloween! “Ooouuuuccchhhh.

6. Katy Perry: I love her. She is pretty much my “style” icon – if I culd even say im stylish. I think she is sort of annoying, but I fucking looooove how she looks, and sings. I’d love to share a closet with her.

Last Tuesday I got my arm worked on a bit. I am bringing down both my 3/4 sleeves, and we are almost finished with my left sleeve. It has a 1920s girl, a perfume bottle, a moth, old Mucha style antique hair pins, hair brush, and roses with a negative space floral type background. We are almost done, and I am so excited! Here are some awful webcam photos:

Just ignore my space cat, she has to be in every picture.


August 27, 2010

I am at work right now, its only 5:13 and I work at 6, so im trying to get a little entry done. I think i’ve been drinking too much coffee because nothing taste all that appealing anymore. I always crave it so I drink it anyway but I think I need some new options! The last few nights i’ve worked have been extremely slow, and im predicting another slow night since everyone goes out on Fridays. I havent been up to anything interesting because I work all night and its nearly too hot to go out during the day. I cant wait for it to cool off, although in Florida there isnt much of a “cool” season unfortunately. I dont know why I always end up back in Florida when I hate this weather so much. I want to round-house kick it in the face.


This morning when I woke up, I ate some Lucky Charms and while flipping through the channels I saw that one of my favorite movies was about to come on! This is always a great way to start your day before you have to work. I was elated. The movie is a Hayao Miyazaki film titled “Spirited Away” – I was fortunate enough to catch it in theaters when it came out in 2001! It’s about a young girl named Chihiro who by chance ends up in a spirit world inhabited by japanese spirits and monsters. Humans are not allowed, so when she is discovered she begs for a job at the Spirit bath-house so she can earn her way while she figures out an escape plan. Most humans are turned into pigs if discovered or disrespectful to the spirits, but Chihiro meets a magical boy who guides her through the world and keeps her safe. It is just an all around strange and entertaining movie that I can watch over and over.

I want to have a Miyazaki marathon.


August 21, 2010

Fridaaaay! Too bad im not doing anything fun. Im at home watching episodes of  House and Adventure Time ( so good ). I wanted to go out with some of my lady friends but everyone was either broke or busy.  Oh well! My weekends havent been too exciting because i’ve been working almost every weekend lately! I dont mind too much. I am tired a lot lately from being on my feet and biking so much lately. It’s so hot out lately it makes it hard to run errands, so if im not working im hiding under my comforter at home until the sun goes down!

I am so boring lately! I really want to go to my local comic book store and pick up some interesting Anime or Asian import movies to watch. I want something new and interesting. If you have any suggestions, let me hear them! My local comic book store is one of my favorite places in the world. The have everything. I’ve been shopping there for about 12-13 years I think!  They’ve won all sorts of awards for being one of the largest and most magical shops in the Galaxy! Please go visit them! Tates Comics deserves all the love in the world.

i have my bicycle covered in various Tates stickers!


July 23, 2010

Friday, again! I’ve been busy working this week, and my weekend will consist of more of the same. My job is great, so I dont sweat it at all. My only other plans this weekend are maybe a photoshoot for a friend, and lots and lots of bike riding I hope!

I have some posts lined up, now I just need to make time to post them! We are supposed to get a Tropical Storm this weekend, so I may be stuck in doors playing video games ( if the power doesnt go out! ) which I certainly wouldnt mind either – but I do really want to ride my bike, so we’ll see. I’ve been boring lately, but I started drawing again! So thats good! I used to love drawing so much but stopped for some reason, I have been motivated by some really god artsy friends of mine to get back into it again and im glad I have. I’ll share some pictures in my next post.

my hair is getting so long!

Have a fancy weekend everyone – and as always, if you’re up to something fun, comment and share it with me!


July 16, 2010

It’s the weekend! Again! This snuck up on me as i’ve been really sick the past week and had intense intervals of insomnia and coma. So, all the posts I had planned for this week didn’t happen, but I plan on getting some up tonight and tomorrow – honest!

I dont know what I contracted that made me so sick, but today is the first day I am feeling better so I hope that trend continues. While sick I got a chance to lay around and watch Anime, Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob and Rocko’s Modern Life, all while eating Pistachio ice-cream. Not a total loss.

I dont know what my plans are for this weekend, I want to go shopping for a new couch because this Ikea one I have looks and feels like tiny cardboard dollhouse furniture. Not good for gaming or watching cartoons! I would like to get back to the comic book store and look into rebuilding a Magic: The Gathering deck, but i’d be content just riding my bike and picking up where I left off in Final Fantasy: XIII. Uhg. That game. I both love and hate it. I became extremely stuck at a certain point in the game and took a break, which turned into me not playing for two months. I leave no Final Fantasy unbeat, so I need to put on my game face and just spend a night truckin’ through it.

Siq tribal tat, Fang.

Siq tribal tat, Fang.

Have any of you played it? Tell me what you think!

For today I have some cleaning to do, then im going to workout, touch up my hair, bike, grab some groceries, have a night swim, update here and then spend the bulk of my night jumping back into Final Fantasy: XIII !

What are you doing this weekend?


July 9, 2010

i want to party with those guys.

This weekend i’ll be working, drinking a lot of Bloody Marys, getting my Star Wars tattoo, getting a new gym membership, loitering my local comic’s and games shop, and maybe rebuilding a Magic: The Gathering deck? We’ll see!

Have a fancy weekend, everyone! I have some silly/strange posts lined up for this weekend as well, so im pretty excited about that you should be too.

Tell me your weekend plans!


July 3, 2010
In true Tony Stark fashion.

In true Tony Stark fashion.

Drink up, Super-Friends!