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Things I Love Thursday!

October 27, 2011

1. Playstation: I’ve always been an avid gamer, and recently i’ve been throwing myself back in, deep, by revisiting classics. I love the Playstation Network for allowing me such an array of classic games for download. I’m currently revisiting FF7, FF8, FF9 and Ninja Gaiden. So good! Also, for the past three months I have been trying out for The Tester. The competition has made its way towards the end, and it’s been a really eventful ride – so you may or may not see me on this coming season! Stay tuned! If I dont update next Thursday – then you’ll know for sure!

2. Dr. Pepper Chapstick: This stuff taste like shit, really. Not like Dr. Pepper at all. I mean, sort of, but regardless, I keep buying it for nostalgic reasons, since I used to buy it with my allowance as a kid. I love it, for sure, and recently thy started making it with “a hint of color”. Oooh la la.

3. Marceline: I gave this hot B’ her own post a while ago, but she deserves to be thrown in again since I’ll probably be dressing up as her for Halloween. She is my favorite Adventure Time character ( next to Jake ) and I wish so badly that I had a replica of her Axe Bass. She’s as smooth and as badass as her bass. Truth.

4. Dunkin Donuts Iced-Coffee: Even though I consider myself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, I still have always preferred Dunkin Donuts. Call me a sell-out, I dont give a shit. This stuff is delicious, and where else can I get a Tuna Salad Sandwich and a pumpkin muffin? Come on.

5. Cold Weather Music: There are a lot of bands and songs that I directly equate with the coming on of colder weather. The short list is Modest Mouse, The Faint, Cursive, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, Dashboard and Postal Service. Now is the time when this music best hits me, and I play it on repeat. I wait all year for this feeling, and it can not be topped. Ever.

6. Purple Hair: I have really been digging purple hair lately; There is no real reason to prompt this. I think I have been toying with the idea of going lighter the past  year or two, but not wanting to stay my natural color of blonde. The idea of light purple hair really entices me, because its lighter, one of my favorite colors, and relatively cartoony, but I have been holding off because my boy has expressed disinterest. Who knows, though, the dye has been ordered and delivered, so anything could happen.

7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses: I usually wear prescription glasses which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to wear Sunglasses, but, since i’ve been wearing contacts lately, I’ve gone Sunglass shopping. I didnt like anything I tried on – but then I found a pair of Cat-eye shaped glasses and I am convinced they are the only shape for me, and will never wear another type. I feel these look great on anyone, and Target of all places has a great selection.

8. Cider: Beer doesn’t agree with me so well, because I have a pretty severe allergy to gluten, so I have been drinking cider recently. Which is both delicious and fitting of the season. My favorite will always be Strongbow, but, Woodchuck makes a few delicious varieties that my tummy and I appreciate. If you’re a big beer drinker, but you find yourself puffy or waking up sluggish after drinking, try drinking cider instead!


Things I Love Thursday: Hide Your Children And Dogs.

September 17, 2010

1. Werewolves: Werewolves > Vampires. I wish werewolves would vivisect this vampire trend and start fucking shit up, Wolfman style.

2. Dogs: I’ve been wanting a little dog friend for a while, but dont want to buy from a puppymill or someone selling “designer” puppies. I just want to adopt a younger small dog from a Humane Society but whenever I look they are always much older dogs. I am always on the lookout lately for small dogs for adoption! I would love to have a little friend to go on walks and bike rides with!

3. Babies: Almost literally, all my friends are having babies. Someone give me a baby! I want to dress them like small dogs. …Just kidding! (maybe.)

4. Thor: What a handsome son of a bitch. He’s just a majestic god with a sweet Hammer and and fantastic hair-do. When I was little I had a Thor action figure I would never put down. Until the day I dropped it off the side of my dads boat. Worst day? Probably.

I am also really enjoying obnoxious nails. My customers at work are always like ” what the hell is going on with you hands?!” It’s called Jazz hands, people!

I have been meaning to pick up where I left off in Final Fantasy 13, but have little motivation. Someone motivate me! I also recently got Netflix and am addicted to all the documentaries available on instant-play through my PS3. Its a brand new world. Buh-bye cable!

Things I Love Thursday…and Friday!

September 11, 2010

1.  Yoshitaka Amano: One of my all time favorite artist. I used to have art books of his and they were the most inspiring things to me. I would give almost anything to draw or paint like him. He does a lot of art for the Final Fantasy series, which is how I learned about him. I would totally kiss him on the cheek. This is my favorite work by him:

2. Love Letters: There is just something romantic about hand written letters. I think its because in this age of technology and instant gratification ( and spellcheck ) it is just easier to write an email or post on someones Facebook wall. I dont like that. I write my feelings down in multiple journals all the time. If I need to share my feelings with someone, chances are if its important enough to me I will write it down in a thoughtfully constructed letter. I always urge my friends to write letters to anyone they are having prblems with. There is just something magical about holding a physical letter in your hands and having the ability to keep it on you, and keep it forever. My neck tattoo sort of depicts how much I really do favor letters; especially love letters:

done by Steve Whittenberger of Rockabilly Tattoo in Lauderhill, Florida.

3. CHEESEBURGERS: I watched a show called “Freaky Eaters” on TLC and it was about a man who only ate Cheeseburgers his entire life. Literally. I was inspired so now Steve and I go to Wendys. I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER.

4. Flavored Vodka: I will forever be a Gin & Tonic fan, but lately i’ve been really into weird flavored Vodka and flavored club soda, or Sprite. It tastes like Skittles. TRY IT.

5. E.T: One of my favorite movies of all time. Forever. ET and Jurassic Park were my staples growing up. I am currently have an E.T related costume in the works for Halloween! “Ooouuuuccchhhh.

6. Katy Perry: I love her. She is pretty much my “style” icon – if I culd even say im stylish. I think she is sort of annoying, but I fucking looooove how she looks, and sings. I’d love to share a closet with her.

Last Tuesday I got my arm worked on a bit. I am bringing down both my 3/4 sleeves, and we are almost finished with my left sleeve. It has a 1920s girl, a perfume bottle, a moth, old Mucha style antique hair pins, hair brush, and roses with a negative space floral type background. We are almost done, and I am so excited! Here are some awful webcam photos:

Just ignore my space cat, she has to be in every picture.

Things I Love Thursday!

September 2, 2010

1. Ray-Ban Clubmasters: A while ago I got new glasses, and I had my eye on these frames for a while now. I love them! They are a little different and retro, and I get a lot of questions and compliments when I wear them!

2. Fun-Dip: This stuff is accurately named. I will never get tired  dipping that chalky stick into that sour powder and turning my mouth blue and green.

3. Edgar Allan Poe: I love this creepy dude. “Fall of the House of Usher” will forever be one of my favorite writings ever. I love him so much that I had him tattooed on my foot.

4. Victoria Secrets “Love Spell”: BEST SMELLING PERFUME EVER. EVER.

5. Red Lipstick: Its classic and looks good on literally anyone with the right shade. For me, its “Russian Red” by MAC. I have about 15 tubes of various reds, but MAC will forever be my favorite.

6. Lorna Dane a.k.a “Polaris” from X-Men: She is my second favorite X-men. She is super fierce and easily the most babely character, in my opinion. She dated Scott Summers brother, who goes by “Havok”. He was less of a boner than Scott was, but Havok made the mistake of leaving Lorna at the alter. She made fucking sure he would never forget what he did to her.  She is related to Magneto and his similar powers.

7. Autumn: I live in South Florida, so we unfortunately dont get much of any sort of season except for summer all year. It has started to cool down a little bit i’ve noticed, so lets hope he keeps getting cooler. I cant wait to move to somewhere with seasons. I really cant wait. Florida, you’d be so great if only you had seasons!

Things I Love Thursday!

August 26, 2010

1. Red Hair: My natural hair color is blonde, but I’ve dyed it pretty much every color you can think of, and multiple times. I usually always end up sticking with black, or red. Since I’ve been black for a couple years now, I think its time to switch it up. The only question is, will I wait for a professional, or get impatient and do it myself and see what happens?

This is me when I was red - I want to go back to this!

2. Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff is probably my favorite pokemon because he/she sings people to sleep and then draws all over their face with a marker. I just wait for my drunk friends to pass out, then draw on their face with a marker.

3. Bows: I’ve been big into bows lately. Bows in my hair, bow rings, bows on my clothes. I dont really know why, It just makes me feel fancy.

4. Lush “Fresh Farmacy”: I posted a Lush product on my last TILT – but I recently bought this new one to try. It’s for sensitive skin, and helps reduce redness. It goes on milky and creamy and I can literally feel it working. It smells great, and when I rinse it off my face has zero redness, its smooth with a soft matte finish. My new favorite product.

5. French Press: The best way to make coffee! ( or Tea! )

6. Magic The Gathering: I used to play this all the time many years ago, and I keep talking about wanting to build decks and play again but I would have no one to play with! I used to play white decks, and they were so fun!

7. Ramona Flowers: A girl after my own heart. Any girl that can be kind of a bitch and change her look up all the time is good in my book. I wish I had a subspace purse like her. “I think she’s the girl of my dreams.”

8. Tamagotchi: I used to have at least 12 of these things on my school backpack. I wish I still had them! I love looking back on things that were popular trends from when I was a kid. As ridiculous as they were, I get all nostalgic and excited thinking about them! I browse them on ebay, and im surprised how many working ones are still out there!

Things I Love Thursday!

August 19, 2010

1. Lush “Mask of Magnaminty”: I am a huge fan of any and everything Lush makes, but this face mask is so fresh and minty, slightly exfoliates and makes my pores smaller. It even removes makeup. It’s magical. Put some on your face and see what happens.

2. DONUTS: Normally I try to avoid eating these, and watch my sugar intake, but lately i’ve been throwing caution to the wind. When I was younger and my metabolism made an effort, id get 4 or 5 donuts on my walk to middle and high-school. Ahh, the good ole’ days.

3. Cardigans: Blame it on Mr. Rodgers, he just looked so damn slick all the time. I ‘ve been wearing cardigans with everything so damn long that I dont feel right leaving the house without one. I feel very weird with my arms exposed now. Cardigans are something I keep buying even though I easily have about 20 currently. If my house was on fire, i’d grab my cardigans.

4. Sailor (Chibi) Moon: To say I was obsessed with Sailor Moon when I was younger would be a understatement. If you know me, you know I still absolutely love it. I still try to collect old merchandise and watch the show all the time. Sailor Chibi Moon was always my favorite character. She is Sailor Moons daughter from the future.  Her pink sugary uniform is a total ruse – she is rowdy and loud and rude as hell, and for that, I love her.

5. Naked Juice: I have always drank Naked Juice when I discovered it several years ago while working at Whole Foods.  I usually stayed away from the green one, until recently I tried it at work. Its by far the most delicious of all of them. Shame on me.

6. Fixed Gear Bicycles: I could ran about these bikes all day, so i’ll keep it short. I love the challenge and excitement of riding them. They are my main source of transportation and let me eat those donuts I love so much without feeling totally bad. There is a great bike community where I live, too.

7. Candy Bars: Since Steve stopped being Vegan, he eats a lot of candy bars. Which means I eat a lot of candy bars. Candy bars are something I never used to buy or eat, and now I crave them all the time. Oh boy!

8. Nail Polish: I know I put polish on my last TILT – but this is a little different. I go back and forth between loving dark shades, and lighter shades. Right now im still stuck on light shades, so much so that I can never pick what shade to do my nails. I solved this dilemma by just doing a different color on each hand, see:

im wearing “minted” by Revlon, and “tickled pink” by Wet n’ wild.

that is also a little drawing i did on some receipt paper while I was bored at work, haha. I like to draw little character pictures of all my coworkers and leave them around the shop. Everyone I work with has such a distinct look and style that its really fun for me!

Im just going to leave this Japanese Legend of Zelda commercial here for your enjoyment/second-hand embarrassment:

My First Time: Things I Love Thursday!

August 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday is a popular blog trend. You pretty much use Thursdays to tell people what you like. I like things, and I also like sharing. So here is my little new contribution! I am excited to do this every Thursday. Im going to try and learn photoshop so i can do a better, numbered composition of the items. My dear friend San inspired me to do this!

1.  Final Fantasy 13: I love this game! I am a huge fan of the series and its always a fantastic day when a new one is about to come out. It’s more exciting than Christmas. To me, at least. I was ding really well in this game until I got stuck pretty bad, I got discouraged and put it down for a while and recently forced myself back into it and im glad I did. I love the characters in this so much! Fang and Sahz are the best.

2. Sloths: Sloths are cute. They dont even really make sense. I love them. Go to youtube and watch some Sloth videos and I bet they’ll be on YOUR  Things I Love Thursday.

3. Espresso Con Panna: Espresso and whipped cream. It’s simple and delicious, and with a little caramel or white chocolate on top, its pretty much a dessert. I work at a coffee shop and this is probably my favorite drink!

4. Saddle Shoes: I love black + white as a color combination and I always thought the 1950’s Saddle Shoes were super cute. Recently they have become trendy, I think, because I see them all over! Urban Outfitters and Vans both make a design that I love, and I wear my Vans soft leather Saddle Shoe all the time while im biking. Really retro and simple!

5. Yellow Eyeshadow:  Since I wear a of black, I like to wear lots of color in my makeup and nails. Yellow eyeshadow is both a little unconventional and loud. I get lot of looks and compliments when I wear it. I also think it looks good on all skin-tones.

6. Baby Blue Nail Polish: I really love light polish, and I have been wearing a lot of OPI “Havana Dreams” and its great. Its soft and still flashy.

7. Soft Pink Lips: If I decided to go heavy on my eye makeup I wear a really pigmented soft pink lipstick. Revlon “Gentlemen Prefer Pink” is great and long lasting.

8. Black “Super” Skinny Jeans: I think everyone should own a pair. Super flattering and a wardrobe staple. With Super skinnies I can tuck them into my boots without any bunching, or wear them with heels. They’re perfect. Just a little hard to take off.

9. High Messy Buns: I pretty much wear my hair like this all the time because its hot out, and im lazy. I just tease my hair out a little and throw it up high on my head, and throw on a headband or some bows. It looks like you tried, but you really didnt. At all.

Also, something else I love, a cute hobbit gets a Star Wars tattoo on LA Ink!

Dominic Monaghan played the Hobbit, Merry Brandybuck, in Lord of the Rings, and he is getting a Star Wars quote tattooed.  Pretty amazing!

Also, here he is in a music video with Megan Fox, who is also very popular in the geek world. And every other world: