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Sailor Moon 2012

November 7, 2012

I grew up on Sailor Moon and definitely feel it was a pinnacle in my childhood. I have two Sailor Moon tattoos and still watch episodes on YouTube whenever I am feeling down. It hasn’t lost any of its humor or magic to me. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts taught me to be brave, to by myself and that feminism is awesome. They fought for love, justice, equality, and the well-being of the world; physically and morally. As a kid I looked up to the girls in a fantastical sense. I know it’s just a “cartoon” but the messages every episode sent still ring with truth and relevancy to this day. Every Sailor Scout had a very defined personality and character traits, and it was so easy to align with one as your favorite. I decided to make some fashion sets for each [inner] Sailor Scout based off their personality. I tried to add as much nuance and detail as I could. I had way too much fun making these – and probably spent way too much time on them. This is how I envision the scouts if they were personified modern-day teenage girls. For those that were big fans of the show, I know you’ll notice lots of quirky details in these sets, and I hope you love and appreciate them! If they are well received, maybe I will do the Outer Scouts and some of the more iconic villains. If any of you are curious, my favorite scouts are Venus and Jupiter. Who is your favorite?

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus by krystipryde featuring philosophy lip gloss

Saying Goodbye: The Space-Age

July 18, 2011

These sorts of entries are hard to start. So I usually just give up, and start them with a sort of apathetic clumsiness. Once I get going, it’s sort of hard to stop talking about issues that hit closer to home than normal. I will try not to turn this into a biased rant, but as a Floridian, American, Science-lover and Space enthusiast, I knew I had to write something about the ending of the NASA Space Travel program. It’s therapeutic, at the very least. When I first heard from a friend while out at a club one night, that they were considering cutting the funding for the Space program – I dismissed it entirely because it just seemed so crazy to me. I went home and did some research and my heart sank into my stomach. It was true – they didn’t have the funding to continue the program anymore, and my very first thought was “Oh, so we have the money to fund a fake war, cost people their lives needlessly,  but something as entirely American as the Space Program, something that incites hope and awe, we can just pull the plug and walk away from?” It’s no big surprise that this nation doesn’t have its priorities competitively straight, but this just took me entirely by surprise. It kills me to think that when I was a child, I wanted to be an Astronaut – among other things, and that now kids can no longer say that. It’s just become an archaic profession. That just hasn’t sunk in yet, really. The fact that no other Americans will go into space in the foreseeable future honestly disturbs me. We are Earthbound. Frank Bruni, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times said it best: “The programs end carries the force of a cruel metaphor, coming at a time where limits are all we talk about – we have no stars in our eyes.”.

It feels as if Americas sense of discovery is over.

Cruel metaphor, indeed.

The problem is that acceptable reasons alone — national security, economic benefit, scientific discovery —  don’t fully explain why we should launch ourselves into space. Rather, the true justification for space exploration is that such enterprises speak abundantly to our sense of human curiosity, of wonder and awe, and because they lift up human hearts everywhere when we do them.

A melancholy message scribbled on the board by a now ex-astronaut in their meeting room.

I can only hope that this break will allow bigger and better things to come to fruition, although I can’t say I’m crossing any fingers or holding my breath. This whole decision to me has me so completely faithless in humanity. Without a sense of wonder or adventure, something for people to look up or believe in, we wont be able to get by day-by-day. I firmly believe in that. I don’t want to look up at the sky every night, and think to myself “Remember that time we put men on the moon? Those were the good ole’ days.” No. I want to look up, and know that we are going to do more, that there is so much to know outside of what Telescopes can show us. Space may be the “Final Frontier” – but not exploring it at all is way to “final” for me. Every time I see a Florida state quarter, with the Space ship emblazoned on the back, it kills me to know that is no longer a part of our adventure as a state and nation. I can’t imagine something that was so tangible, becoming literal science-fiction. How have we got so far off course.

A father and son at the first and last shuttle launch.

I cant help but feel that we are taking steps backwards with decisions like funding these bullshit wars, cutting iconic and inspiring programs, and caring less about people and trying to pass everything off as a sort of utilitarianism. I could complain all the time, move to a different country, or give up all hope – but I wont do any of that. I wont let the decisions of idiots in power compromise my sense of adventure and discovery. Ever. As far as I’m concerned, I still want to be an Astronaut when I grow up.

A Love Letter To: Nerd Girls

June 1, 2011

To a lot of guys, nerdy girls are the holy grail. I know growing up my friends always called me a “unicorn” because to them I was such a rarity; an attractive girl with a brain and obscure, geeky interests. I obviously didn’t think anything of it because I was just being myself. I didn’t understand the reverie. Now it seems that lately, with the progress of video games and the prevalence of comic book movies, being into “nerdy” things is more allowable and mainstream, and with this I have noticed an influx of “faux-nerdy” girls. Girls who want to impress guys by pretending to be nerdy, because they played Tetris once on a road-trip, or tried to play Halo once with their brother, but don’t know the difference between Ps3 or Xbox. I don’t care if you think Peter Parker is “dreamy”, bitch, I saw him first – you know, when I was saving up my lunch money to buy comic books as a kid, not because my boyfriend took me to see Spiderman 3.

Whether you’re a Dungeon Master, a Marvel Girl, a Computer Engineer or the best Warlock in your guild, being a true-blue Nerd Girl will always have its appeal within society – and you will always be a unicorn within the Geek sub-culture, and that to me is just a wonderful thing. I put together a little compilation of song tributes to our kind.

While these girls voices pierce my ears, and their over-acting makes me want to stab my eyes with my light-saber chopsticks, Seth Green’s rap at the end makes it totally worth it.

Sailor Moon
Hogwarts boys all make them swoon
Aragorn, Legolas
These are the boys they love the best
I mean they’re good to go
Love Scifi, yo’
The girls are sweet
They can’t be beat”

This little number is from one of my absolute favorite shows, “The Guild”, with one of my favorite geek icons, Felicia Day. Definitely legit, and definitely a babe.

“Hang with me in my MMO
So many places we can go
I’m better than a real world quest
You’ll touch my plus five to dexterity vest.”

Oh, I think if you’re familiar with nerd related music at all, you know who MC Chris is. He’s classic. While I love the song, I don’t love the video so much – but I cant say I didn’t resemble the lead girl a little bit when I was much younger. Ah, memories.

“There’s a special kind of girl that goes to my shows
And I don’t mean the groupie hos
All along the front row
She’s more like a wallflower
Like the one that Stryker sniped
I’m like elixir when I’m with her
‘Cause I think I like her type.”

This song is by Chester French. I love a lot of the music he does, so you should probably get to know him. He is a Nerd Girls biggest fan – hands down.

“Most guys don’t enlighten me
But I’m intrigued by you
I’m your nerd girl writing sci-fi
But now I’m riding you
You’re my nerd girl
An extraordinary mind
Brain is of a kind so unknown.”

Well, on that note, I’ll be in Azeroth if you need me.

Final Fantasy: Piano Collections

May 29, 2011

When people ask me “So, what kind of music do you listen to?” not only is that my least favorite question, it just has the most impossible answer. My natural inclination is to say ” Well,  these are my favorite bands – but I primarily like music from video games.” Yeah. Doesn’t go over so smoothly. People just become instantly confused and when I try to explain how expansive video game music is, or how it’s “real music”  – since a lot of people seem to think it “doesn’t count” this discussion usually ends up with me leaving people mind-freaked and my just telling them I listen to “indie” music to make it easier on them.

Probably since I was at least 11 or 12 I have been really into Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu. I have followed everything he has done since. He composes a lot of music for one of my favorite video game series, Final Fantasy. Each game has a piano collection that’s eventually released. It’s all piano versions of the songs in game. It’s beautiful. I have every collection, and even as a kid I would sit in my room and draw and listen to these CD’s on repeat all night. That hasn’t changed, really. Here are a collection of my favorite piano collections, from my favorite video game collection.


FFIX – “Loss of Me”

FFVIII – “Succession of Witches”

FFVII – “Gold Saucer”

FFX – “Suteki Da Ne”

The Game Girl World Comes 360.

May 9, 2011

While I was at work the other night, A group of girls came in wearing shirts that said “Game Goddesses” on it. I was instantly intrigued, hoping it had something to do with  video gaming, and not like, poker or shuffleboard or something. I decided to make their drinks first before asking them about their shirts – but while they were deciding on their drinks one of the girls told me I looked familiar. After a few seconds of squinty-eyed looks it turns out they follow me on twitter and one of the girls follows my blog! WHAT A SMALL WORLD. I was elated, I then realized after exchanging twitter names that I do know and follow them, and it turns out they run the  gaming site SFX-360! They also do a really adorable girl-gamer podcast, which you can find on the site! I really suggest checking it all out. I know I personally check the site out pretty often.

After a lot of talking and laughing we decided we should definitely collaborate and do some stuff together. So, im really excited. It’s hard to meet like-minded girls that know their shit! They even gave me an amazing shirt. I basically love them. I am beyond thrilled they stopped into my coffee shop. It was meant to be.

These B3WBS pwn noobs

Follow these ladies on twitter! They post gaming stuff constantly and know their shit! You can also contact one of them if you are interested in a shirt.




Purrfect & Dolly.

May 1, 2011

I did a photoshoot recently with Dangerously Dolly, where I modeled lingerie that my friend Erika ( Purrfect Pineapples ) makes, by hand! Much love to Erika so generously over-nighting me a set of lingerie to wear for my shoot. She is just the best. Here are a few of the edits, i’ll post more at another time – I was just too excited not to share!

Photography: Dangerously Dolly

MUA: Molly Walsh

Hair: Akisha Butler

Lingerie: Purrfect Pineapples

Nerd Wood.

April 15, 2011

And by wood, I mean wood. Get your mind out of the gutter.

While surfing random Etsy shops at 4am, I came across a real gem.


Lots of very fun and well constructed necklaces and other accessories made out of Wood! Most of which are created with a nerdy theme. I’ll be ordering one of everything, please.

Mac pixel brooches!

Dinner on the Death Star.

April 3, 2011

Tonight I wasn’t sure what I wanted for dinner, all I knew is whatever I got, I wanted to eat it with my Light-saber Chopsticks. I have Vader’s, and a pair that are a few inches shorter, that are Yoda’s. I often base my lunch and dinner decisions around using these things – and yes, I do bring them out to restaurants with me. I’m embarrassing.

Nerd Porn: Dreamy Dude Edition.

March 19, 2011

Clear Gameboy. Pokemon Yellow. Swoon.

Speaking of, are any of you playing the new Pokemon Black or White? If so, tell me how much you love it! If you dont love it – there is probably something wrong with you.

We Cant All Craft War All Day.

February 6, 2011

It’s been a while. I have an excuse – sort of. World of Warcraft. Yeah. I used to play years ago when it first came out and I was definitely the portrait of the stereo-type obsessed player. I had a Troll Shadow Pirest named “Beeps” on the server Bloodhoof. Those were the good ole’ days. Really, they were, now that i’ve been playing for about a month I’ve really notice the quality of players has gone down a lot. There is just so much uneccesary rudeness in the game. ITS A GAME, PEOPLE. It’s taken way too seriously, and while I dont know who is on the other end behind their computer, I can only imagine. I blame a lot of this on the new features of cross-server Pick Up Groups ( randomized groups of people pulled together to complete difficult levels. ) It’s so easy to be a piece of shit when you know at any moment you can teleport out and never speak or run into them again.

Now I have a new character, her name is “Galaxies”. I play on Lightning’s Blade. She is a Draenei Priest, but I am unhappy in my decision to roll Alliance. I only did so to play with a friend, but we rarely play together so I am thinking a transfer back to the Horde side of life is in order. I feel so wrong wearing a Horde hoodie and playing Alliance, Maybe i’ll be a Goblin – they are the Jersey Shore of the game and it is hilarious.

So, i’ve been busy crafting war and it feels awesome. I love the game and am glad to be back, and am hoping as I level higher the quality of the game will be better and i’ll meet some decent players. Other than that, i’ve just been working, riding my bike, sleeping – whatever.  Recently Fort. Lauderdale had a Critical Mass – which is an organized group bike ride through traffic to raise awareness for cyclists. Critical Mass happens all over the US and there is starting point and the ending is usually a bar. ( awesome.) We started at Brew Coffee Shop ( my job! ) and ended at a bar for drinks. I love my fixed gear, and I love rides – and I love community rides more than anything. It’s such a refreshing, invigorating feeling. I wish it was every single day.  Here are some photos a friend of mine took:

Biking hard in a floral dress.

My friend and I keeping it casual in Downtown traffic.

My friend and I keeping it casual in Downtown traffic.

On Fort. Lauderdale Beach!

Creepin' on these cuties.

This is after the ride at the bar, after some drinks. Im sucking the soul of my beautiful friend and photographer, Lindsey Grace Whidden. Love her.
Love her.


Gin & Tonic

All Photos taken by all-star babe, Lindsey Grace!