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We Cant All Craft War All Day.

February 6, 2011

It’s been a while. I have an excuse – sort of. World of Warcraft. Yeah. I used to play years ago when it first came out and I was definitely the portrait of the stereo-type obsessed player. I had a Troll Shadow Pirest named “Beeps” on the server Bloodhoof. Those were the good ole’ days. Really, they were, now that i’ve been playing for about a month I’ve really notice the quality of players has gone down a lot. There is just so much uneccesary rudeness in the game. ITS A GAME, PEOPLE. It’s taken way too seriously, and while I dont know who is on the other end behind their computer, I can only imagine. I blame a lot of this on the new features of cross-server Pick Up Groups ( randomized groups of people pulled together to complete difficult levels. ) It’s so easy to be a piece of shit when you know at any moment you can teleport out and never speak or run into them again.

Now I have a new character, her name is “Galaxies”. I play on Lightning’s Blade. She is a Draenei Priest, but I am unhappy in my decision to roll Alliance. I only did so to play with a friend, but we rarely play together so I am thinking a transfer back to the Horde side of life is in order. I feel so wrong wearing a Horde hoodie and playing Alliance, Maybe i’ll be a Goblin – they are the Jersey Shore of the game and it is hilarious.

So, i’ve been busy crafting war and it feels awesome. I love the game and am glad to be back, and am hoping as I level higher the quality of the game will be better and i’ll meet some decent players. Other than that, i’ve just been working, riding my bike, sleeping – whatever.  Recently Fort. Lauderdale had a Critical Mass – which is an organized group bike ride through traffic to raise awareness for cyclists. Critical Mass happens all over the US and there is starting point and the ending is usually a bar. ( awesome.) We started at Brew Coffee Shop ( my job! ) and ended at a bar for drinks. I love my fixed gear, and I love rides – and I love community rides more than anything. It’s such a refreshing, invigorating feeling. I wish it was every single day.  Here are some photos a friend of mine took:

Biking hard in a floral dress.

My friend and I keeping it casual in Downtown traffic.

My friend and I keeping it casual in Downtown traffic.

On Fort. Lauderdale Beach!

Creepin' on these cuties.

This is after the ride at the bar, after some drinks. Im sucking the soul of my beautiful friend and photographer, Lindsey Grace Whidden. Love her.
Love her.


Gin & Tonic

All Photos taken by all-star babe, Lindsey Grace!