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3 Games I’d Love To Remake

April 14, 2012

There are a lot of games that get the opportunity for a remake. Some aren’t as hot as the originals; such as Golden Eye, while some hit the spot like Kid Icarus and even Donkey Kong Country: Returns. Obviously, these are my own personal opinions, but if I had the opportunity to captain a proverbial game development ship, I’d remake¬† following three. What would you remake?

1. Contra

As a kid I really loved this co-op game for Super Nintendo. Like a lot of American releases, it differs a bit from its Japanese title. Regardless of the difference between releases, either would make a fantastic remake. In 2002, a remake was released for Playstation 2, and while not awful it did not truly deliver to its fullest potential in my opinion. With this current generation, and its graphical and diverse engine capabilities, I visualize it as a FPS with the option of third person. The unique and alien-esque levels would translate well both in a campaign as well as online maps. The array of different specialty weapons you can collect throughout Contra would add a lot of interesting depth to online battles. The weapons are more futuristic which reminds me more of Halo or Unreal Tournament, and less like the realistic Military shooters like Call of Duty and Killzone which are popular today. With weapons like the Fireball gun, Spread gun and even protective personal barriers – I can see this playing out so fantastically in a FPS environment. My one pet peeve with FPS is how short the campaigns always seem to be. Yeah, I get it, FPS games are all about the multi-player, but I’d selfishly like to see both a long (even co-op! ) campaign and innovative online play. The story is simple and sweet Sci-Fi, two government soldiers are on a mission to investigate and neutralize what they believe to be a terrorist agency called “Red Falcon”. In reality, Red Falcon is actually the code-name for the main alien entity. I think this game would do fantastic as a remake, and I can already envision myself buying new maps off PSN. Last year around this time during a pre-E3 release, Konami teased what seemed to be a new Contra. Well, consider my fingers crossed.

2. Pokemon: Trading Card Game

While this obviously isn’t a traditional “video” game, the release of Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers has proven that turning a card game into a video game can be pure gold. Pokemon has an absolutely huge and long running fan-base, and I know so many people who would love more current gen titles. In a style similar to MTG:DotP I can envision a colorful solo campaign, in which you defeat random trainers and gym leaders, collecting new and one-of-a-kind cards with every win. You could even implement a “badge” system, so that when you collect so many or all the badges, it awards you with rare cards or perhaps a promo code for a game related DLC. Besides the obvious online mode where you could play against friends, I think it would also be interesting to implement a chat room of sorts where people could discuss and trade cards, or duel each other while gambling cards. I know a lot of people are Pokemon “purists” and there could even be a region amongst the game for just the first 150 Pokemon. Another unique way to earn cards could be through a tiered system of X hours of play, or also completing certain goals within the game, such as playing so many rounds with a Ghost type Pokemon deck, etc! With Pokemon garnering such a large fan-base, this game could allow kids to continue to play with each other. My deck? Oh, psychic type. I love me some Psyduck.

3. Earthbound

As one of my favorite RPGs, Earthbound separates itself from the rest of the SNES RPG age by being quirky and hilarious. I can see a remake of this so vividly in my mind that it almost makes me nerd rage that it hasn’t already been done. I’d be content with a remake being for Wii, or a more ideally, DS or 3DS. I could absolutely see the looney animations of hitting a neighbor or a feisty lamp-post with a frying pan burst in 3D hilarity. Regardless, I don’t think Nintendo fully realizes its fan-base within this series in the US. We got Ness in Super Smash Brothers, but that’s not nearly enough. Nintendo recognized him as iconic enough for Super Smash Brothers, so I don’t feel a remake would be so far-fetched. The game is set in modern-day suburbia, which is quite different from most RPGs and definitely lends a hand to the humorous atmosphere of the game. While most the playable characters have psychic abilities, most the weaponry and attacks in the game are from normal items such as a yo-yo, slingshot or a frying pan. One of my favorite elements of this game has to be the pop culture references peppered throughout, I can only imagine the references that could be implemented in a remake nearly 20 years later. Even though the game is pretty humorous, the plot is still gripping and even thought-provoking. The main antagonist is a creature named Giygas who is turning humanity against each other using our own innate evil. Turns out, Giygas isn’t weak to frying pans or slingshots – but to pure human emotions! To me, this is such a wonderful plot that could be fleshed out into more detail while lending more to character development. To really give it a face lift, I think the idea of making it third person perspective could be interesting. This game is such a gem, and now with the release of another classic remake, Kid Icarus, I really feel now is the perfect time to resurrect some of our generations favorites for both ourselves and a younger generation to enjoy.

Be Still My Heart: E3 Nintendo Press Conference!

June 9, 2011

I feel like Edgar Allan Poe writing about his beautiful Annabel Lee when it comes down to writing about Nintendo. It basically overwhelms me. We’ve had a romance for about 20 years now – and thankfully, Nintendo didn’t end up contracting Tuberculosis and dying on me. Nintendo never disappoints me. Ever. Year after year, I wait in anticipation for the Nintendo Press Conference held during E3. I used to work the Expo as a “booth babe” and promoter – I haven’t been able to make it the last couple years, and it breaks my heart. I watch the coverage from behind my computer while tears well up in my eyes. Not really. But maybe. E3 is basically like – Disneyland for nerds. If you haven’t been, it is just indescribable.

This year Nintendo truly delivered. Their press conference ( per usual ) was entertaining, informative and playful. It’s The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary, and Nintendo celebrated by opening their conference with a full Orchestra playing iconic songs from the game, while a large protector took us on a trip down memory lane as we revisited all of the games. Really, really beautiful stuff.¬† Then, Shigeru Miyamoto came on stage to speak. His excitement and love for Zelda is so pure and genuine, that seeing him so excited to speak about The Legend of Zelda just melted my heart. He would jump, bow, and throw his fist in the air – smiling the whole time. I got goosebumps when he talked more about the new Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Other than Zelda, a lot of amazing things were previewed during the conference. I am personally excited for the new Starfox and Kid Icarus. They also announced a free download of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords! This game is a great, and the fact Nintendo is giving it to us as a free download is proof about how much they really do love us. It feels like a long, warm hug. Thanks Nintendo! They are also giving us another free download – a new revamp of the retro classic – Excitebike! I can’t imagine how fun that’s going to be on the 3DS! They talked a little bit about a re-work on the Super Nintendo title, Luigi’s Mansion. I hated this game as a kid! I remember finding it so difficult as a child and throwing the cartridge at my little brother at one point. I’m going to try to avoid that this time around. No promises.

They ended the conference with the unveiling of the “Wii-U” which is not a new console – but an addition to the Wii itself. It’s technically a controller, but can act as a peripheral, a drawing tablet, ( !!! ), and a hand-held gaming system among other things. It’s honestly to me, pretty interesting and innovative. I’m most excited about the drawing tablet feature – I can see that being used in a lot of really interesting ways. Please, though – do yourself a favor and watch the conference if you have not seen it yet. It’s very exciting and entertaining, take my freakin’ word for it!