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Porn and Procrastination.

August 4, 2010

Soooo, I didnt get my new computer because I decided I wanted to sleep all day instead. I was also feeling a little indifferent about if I should spend the money, but I decided im just going to go ahead and get the better computer so Steve can use it for his tattoo stuff and so I can start to learn photoshop and possibly play some games on it…which is probably a bad idea but I gotta’ follow my heart. World of Warcraft, I love you – and I know Steve will love you too. I also eventually want to get a tablet, so I can do more art – but they are so pricey! Whhhhhhhhhhhhy!


There was also an awesome rumor going around that I was doing porn and that this blog was my porn site. Really? News to me, I guess. Last time I checked I wasnt pulling beads out of my ass and posting it here, but I can see how some idiots visiting the site may be confused by the content. Morons. Steve supports my non-existent porn career, though. What a guy!

ANYWAYS, allow me to share some of my favorite Mega 64 videos with you. These nerds make pretty hilarious video game related videos. They have tons of them, so you should certainly checkout their youtube channel. I need friends like them.

This is a Paper Boy parody, this poor dude in the truck delivering papers was probably totally mind-freaked by how long these shenanigans went on:

Here is a Dead Rising parody – I loved this game but I love this video more:

One word: MIYAMOTO!