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Things I Love Thursday!

August 19, 2010

1. Lush “Mask of Magnaminty”: I am a huge fan of any and everything Lush makes, but this face mask is so fresh and minty, slightly exfoliates and makes my pores smaller. It even removes makeup. It’s magical. Put some on your face and see what happens.

2. DONUTS: Normally I try to avoid eating these, and watch my sugar intake, but lately i’ve been throwing caution to the wind. When I was younger and my metabolism made an effort, id get 4 or 5 donuts on my walk to middle and high-school. Ahh, the good ole’ days.

3. Cardigans: Blame it on Mr. Rodgers, he just looked so damn slick all the time. I ‘ve been wearing cardigans with everything so damn long that I dont feel right leaving the house without one. I feel very weird with my arms exposed now. Cardigans are something I keep buying even though I easily have about 20 currently. If my house was on fire, i’d grab my cardigans.

4. Sailor (Chibi) Moon: To say I was obsessed with Sailor Moon when I was younger would be a understatement. If you know me, you know I still absolutely love it. I still try to collect old merchandise and watch the show all the time. Sailor Chibi Moon was always my favorite character. She is Sailor Moons daughter from the future.  Her pink sugary uniform is a total ruse – she is rowdy and loud and rude as hell, and for that, I love her.

5. Naked Juice: I have always drank Naked Juice when I discovered it several years ago while working at Whole Foods.  I usually stayed away from the green one, until recently I tried it at work. Its by far the most delicious of all of them. Shame on me.

6. Fixed Gear Bicycles: I could ran about these bikes all day, so i’ll keep it short. I love the challenge and excitement of riding them. They are my main source of transportation and let me eat those donuts I love so much without feeling totally bad. There is a great bike community where I live, too.

7. Candy Bars: Since Steve stopped being Vegan, he eats a lot of candy bars. Which means I eat a lot of candy bars. Candy bars are something I never used to buy or eat, and now I crave them all the time. Oh boy!

8. Nail Polish: I know I put polish on my last TILT – but this is a little different. I go back and forth between loving dark shades, and lighter shades. Right now im still stuck on light shades, so much so that I can never pick what shade to do my nails. I solved this dilemma by just doing a different color on each hand, see:

im wearing “minted” by Revlon, and “tickled pink” by Wet n’ wild.

that is also a little drawing i did on some receipt paper while I was bored at work, haha. I like to draw little character pictures of all my coworkers and leave them around the shop. Everyone I work with has such a distinct look and style that its really fun for me!

Im just going to leave this Japanese Legend of Zelda commercial here for your enjoyment/second-hand embarrassment:

Nail Art: A Love Story

June 20, 2010

For a very long time I was absolutely considered a tom-boy. I wore dirty jeans, converse and the same 4 tshirts over and over: A Spider-man shirt, a Darth Vader shirt, a Weezer shirt and a  childrens Super Mario shirt i found at a thrift store. I wore minimal makeup and applied it poorly. I just wasnt very feminine by any means. In my more recent years, i’ve begun to sort of figure it all out. While I still feel like a 9-year old boy on the inside, im trying my hardest to show any sort of resemblance to the 25 year old women that I am.

While i’ve got basic makeup skills figured out, my more recent endeavor is nail art. I never painted my nails, and when I started, it was either red, or a clear coat. Now I’ve become rather adventurous and fairly addicted to collecting high quality O.P.I nail polish. This is a habit im trying to break, but I dont see that happening anytime soon because ive just found the most perfect parallel for both geek and chic’:

like, really? Could you appeal to my interests anymore?

After coming across this image I did some intense googling:

Deadpool would approve of this.

It’s a thing of beauty.

Ladies (or gentlemen..?), if these are your nails 1. I think i love you, and 2. Please comment or email me and I will credit you/link to your blog!