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Thanks For Playing: Bastion, Quantum Conundrum, Terraria

July 25, 2012

Oh, hey! So, I was kidnapped briefly by a band of Jawa’s, but after some bartering and slave labor I am back home, blogging safely. I have been asked a lot recently about my YouTube channel and if/when I would ever put content up on it again. I had really only wanted to review The Tester episodes as they aired, because I don’t quite understand the YouTube universe, but people keep subscribing and asking, and I figured hey – it would be another way to get content up on my blog, so why not? Everyone wins. I think.

Regardless, I want to get as much content as I can up on here again, and this would be a great way. Maybe I’ll even get the hang of it. I’ll basically be reviewing and discussing games I’m playing, experiences and eventually I’ll try to get some streams up. I get asked every day what I am currently playing, and making a video and a short blog entry is not only great for me, but an easy way to answer that question. It would be awesome if you guys would answer in a response video, or a comment with what YOU are playing – give me ideas! I am crazy and video game hungry and NOTHING CAN STOP ME.

+10 internet points if you make it through the entire thing.

Quantum Conundrum.

January 22, 2012

I am a huge fan of Valve. Half-Life is one of my favorite games, and I don’t think I’ve every truly disliked much about any game that Valve has put out. One of their best, in my personal opinion, being Portal ( and Portal2! ). Kim Swift was one of the lead developers and level designers on Portal. Portal was even based on the core mechanics of Kim Swifts personal project called “Narbacular Drop”. She has since left Valve to work as a lead over at Airtight games, working with a small creative group on a new title – Quantum Conundrum. I have been watching game-play footage of this game for a few hours now, and I am really, really excited for Kim’s new project. It still has a Portal “feel” to it, and is a relatively comical first-person puzzle shooter – which seems about right considering Kim’s lead involvement in it.

Let this games release be Swift and victorious. See what I did there?