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The Game Girl World Comes 360.

May 9, 2011

While I was at work the other night, A group of girls came in wearing shirts that said “Game Goddesses” on it. I was instantly intrigued, hoping it had something to do with  video gaming, and not like, poker or shuffleboard or something. I decided to make their drinks first before asking them about their shirts – but while they were deciding on their drinks one of the girls told me I looked familiar. After a few seconds of squinty-eyed looks it turns out they follow me on twitter and one of the girls follows my blog! WHAT A SMALL WORLD. I was elated, I then realized after exchanging twitter names that I do know and follow them, and it turns out they run the  gaming site SFX-360! They also do a really adorable girl-gamer podcast, which you can find on the site! I really suggest checking it all out. I know I personally check the site out pretty often.

After a lot of talking and laughing we decided we should definitely collaborate and do some stuff together. So, im really excited. It’s hard to meet like-minded girls that know their shit! They even gave me an amazing shirt. I basically love them. I am beyond thrilled they stopped into my coffee shop. It was meant to be.

These B3WBS pwn noobs

Follow these ladies on twitter! They post gaming stuff constantly and know their shit! You can also contact one of them if you are interested in a shirt.