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Krysti Pryde: Adventure Time

April 3, 2011

My dear friend San drew me as a character of one of my favorite shows, Adventure Time! It’s a dream come true – and i’d have to say its pretty accurate, even down to my red cowboy boots! San is an amazing friend and an amazing Illustrator, please go visit her site and marvel in how she is both so beautiful and talented!!


Flyin’ around, it’s casual.





My life is complete.

I wunna do bad things to you.

September 29, 2010

Sookie by San Smith!

After a few years of ” Hey, you watch True Blood, right?” I finally decided to Netflix it so I could stop disappointing people by saying I had not seen it. Do I look like the biggest True Blood fan ever or something? I dont know how to feel about that. Now, the first few episodes I didnt really care for it, I did like Sookie’s character right away, but as a whole I found it boring and slow-moving. After several episodes I finally started to give it a real chance and while I dont love it ( yet ) I am excited about getting the second season. A big motivation for me is I heard there are Werewolves in season 4! I can definitely get into that. The illustration above was done by my dear friend San Smith!

Do you watch True Blood? What are your thoughts on it? I feel like I have something new to talk to people about now. I dont think i’ll ever love it as much as Dexter – but we’ll see!