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Top 5 Comic Book Crushes.

November 26, 2010

This is essentially a list of fictional characters from specifically comic book characters that I would sleep with. Im not going to pretend otherwise. This is, actually, in a particular order:


5. Desire from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”.

Ambiguity makes me want things.

Desire from Sandman is gender ambiguous and it is definitely the appeal for me. Desire comes off so casual, sensual and natural. When I first read Sandman when I was younger I thought he/she was the epitome of romance and sensuality – although, at that age – and maybe even at my current age im still trying to figure out what that is. Oh, Desire.


4.  Craig Thompson from “Blankets”.

Craig Thompson is actually the writer and artist for this autobiographical graphic novel. I’ve read it too many times that I literally cant keep track. Craig grows up in a strict christian family home, and is bright but terribly awkward. The story is about his first love, Raina. While it eventually all falls apart and disappears as these things often do, he was so sweet and awkward with her that I just cant help but love his character.


3. Mr. Sensitive/Orphan from “X-Statix/X-Force”.


Your loss, Venus Dee Milo.

Despite having prominent suicidal tendencies, and everyone he cares about eventually dies around him – he is such a romantic I’d be more than willing to take that chance. That is, if he wasn’t dead. He died on his retirement mission from the X-Force. My heart still hurts.


2. Wade Wilon / Deadpool.

She had to go. Im sorry.

Deadpool is horribly disfigured and mentally unstable – but he is so quick and funny, and his ability to break the fourth wall in comics led him to be one of my favorites very quickly. I’d rub Vitamin E oil all over him. True story.


1. Peter Parker / Spiderman.


I will whisper sweet scientific formulas in your ear.

Nerd. Awkward. Clever. Science-y. Bad with girls. Good with girls. Witty. Glasses. Studious. A little strange. I’ve loved Peter Parker since I was really young, and my list of reasons why only grows with age. Yow.






Great Romances of the 20th Century.

August 17, 2010

I have compiled a short list of some of my favorite geek-culture romances. What are your favorite geek-culture romances? I had a long list but did my best to keep it short and list the ones very near-and-dear to my heart. In no particular order:

1. Craig and Raina of the Graphic Novel “Blankets”

This will forever be one of the most moving and visually appealing reads I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. It’s one of those reads that is so real and relatable it almost physically pains you to finish, and when you do finish you’re left thinking about it days after. It’s a coming of age story about first love and first heartbreak, sexuality and spirituality. Blankets is one of those reads that changed my literary life so much, I ask everyone I get to know and care about if they’ve read it, and if they haven’t, I lend it to them or buy them a copy.

2. Zidane Tribal and Garnet Alexandros of Final Fantasy 9

First, this is my favorite Final Fantasy. Hands down, no contest. I could replay this every month for the rest of my life. It’s a quirky fantasy story set in a magical and medieval setting.  Zidane is part of a band of thieves, sent to the kingdom of Alexandria to kidnap their princess: Garnet Alexandros. Garnet is a fairly unconventional princess. She is sharp, witty, rowdy and it turns out, she wants to be kidnapped. Before Zidane can physically kidnap her himself, she approaches him demanding he kidnap her “right away”.

From here they embark on an amazing journey where they make new friends and enemies, encounter spirits and monsters, fly on airships and every character is on their own journey of self discovery. At one point in the story, Zidane inspires Garnet so much, she cuts her hair short and goes by the alias “Dagger”. I wont spoil the ending of the game, but I will say it is worth a play.

3. Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa of Star Wars

Star Wars is iconic, and I believe so is Han and Leia’s relationship through out the series. Both characters have sharp tongues and a lot to say – which results in both a passionate and at times hilarious relationship. Growing up I wanted to be Princess Leia so bad. I just thought she was so tough and fantastic. I wanted a guy just like Han Solo to keep me on my toes.  Their relationship is elaborated much more in the books. Did you know they have twins? Yup.  Jaina and Jacen.

4. Kitty Pryde ( Shadowcat ) and Piotr Rasputin ( Colossus )

I think it’s obvious I am probably the biggest  Kitty Pryde fan. Ever.  I was also always a big Colossus fan. So when they hooked up I was pretty elated. Kitty loved Piotr blindly and faithfully for who he was, and while Piotr reciprocated, it wasnt with the same passion. In Secret Wars, Piotr falls in love with an Alien women named Zsaji, she eventually died, but when Piotr returned to earth, he broke up with Kitty. They remained friends, but as in most situations like this, were more aloof around each other. At one point, Kitty had to exploit Piotr for the sake of mission, and while she hated doing it, the thought of how badly he had hurt her made her go through with it.  At another point in the story, Piotr beats up Kitty’s current boyfriend, Pete Wisdom, showing he still has feelings for her. Unfortunately Piotr dies later on, and Kitty has to spread his ashes back home.

He is later brought back by Joss Whedon ( a huge Kitty Pryde fan ) in Astonishing X-Men and he and Kitty rekindle their relationship passionately. At this point, and it pains me to say it, Kitty is not “dead” but trapped in a giant bullet that is currently  phasing through the earth. Kitty gave herself up to save the planet, shortly after she and Colossus worked things out. They simply cant catch a break.

5. Peter Parker ( Spider-Man ) and Mary Jane Watson

Ooooh, Mary Jane. How jealous of you I was when I was 6 years old and in love with Spider-man. I’ve since got over it and love their whole dynamic. Girl next door and secret super-hero; how perfect. I love that Peter, a true nerd, fawned after his friend and neighbor for years, and that she was always so warm and understanding with him. She is an A+ broad and I love that through all their trials and tribulations, kidnappings and various other otherworldly mishaps, they can end up together. You know you’ve got the perfect girl when she keeps your identity a secret and packs you a lunch before you jump out of your 10 story window in a spider costume.


* Brock and every Nurse Joy ever

For a Pokemon Trainer that specializes in Rock-type Pokemon, he sure has a soft spot for the ladies. Brock would lose his damn mind whenever in the vicinity of a Nurse Joy. I’d put money down that he would take his Pokemon to a health center even when they weren’t sick, just to see a Nurse Joy. Brock claims he can tell all the identical Nurse Joys apart. That is how much he loves them. Although, he often has to be restrained around them by a friend – thats how much he loves them.


July 16, 2010

It’s the weekend! Again! This snuck up on me as i’ve been really sick the past week and had intense intervals of insomnia and coma. So, all the posts I had planned for this week didn’t happen, but I plan on getting some up tonight and tomorrow – honest!

I dont know what I contracted that made me so sick, but today is the first day I am feeling better so I hope that trend continues. While sick I got a chance to lay around and watch Anime, Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob and Rocko’s Modern Life, all while eating Pistachio ice-cream. Not a total loss.

I dont know what my plans are for this weekend, I want to go shopping for a new couch because this Ikea one I have looks and feels like tiny cardboard dollhouse furniture. Not good for gaming or watching cartoons! I would like to get back to the comic book store and look into rebuilding a Magic: The Gathering deck, but i’d be content just riding my bike and picking up where I left off in Final Fantasy: XIII. Uhg. That game. I both love and hate it. I became extremely stuck at a certain point in the game and took a break, which turned into me not playing for two months. I leave no Final Fantasy unbeat, so I need to put on my game face and just spend a night truckin’ through it.

Siq tribal tat, Fang.

Siq tribal tat, Fang.

Have any of you played it? Tell me what you think!

For today I have some cleaning to do, then im going to workout, touch up my hair, bike, grab some groceries, have a night swim, update here and then spend the bulk of my night jumping back into Final Fantasy: XIII !

What are you doing this weekend?