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Tattoo Art & Dangerously Dolly

January 9, 2013

While derping around online between several video game forums, I tabbed over to Twitter to see what was good, and saw I had a mention from @DangerslyDolly – which is always exciting because she a fantastic woman, high-level Demon Hunter and a photography wizard. I’ve worked with her twice now, and was always extremely satisfied with my pictures, but more so, always really happy with experience. She is funny, professional and real. I love her attitude. ANYWAYS – enough gushing. She took some photos of me a while ago that landed me on the cover of a tattoo magazine, which has always been on my “bucket list”, and I found out via twitter that another image she took of me landed me an embarrassingly large page in a tattoo book! So, you can totally have me on your coffee table if you wanted. The book is called “Tattoo Art by Russ Thorne” and you can by it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble. A Twitter friend from Ireland said he saw it in a book store over there as well, so just keep an eye out! If you come across it, please take a picture of my page ( and you! ) and tweet it to me! Here is the cover of the book and my page ( with some other fancy ladies! ) so check it out!


“Tattoo Art is a stunning survey of some of the most amazing tattoo work being done today. Over 140 photographs full of character, colour and attitude showcase the many styles and images with which people are marking their bodies, while a fascinating discussion of tattooing as cultural phenomenon and art form, as well as what some tattoos mean and what to think about before getting one yourself, runs alongside. In addition, throughout the book you will find feature spreads dedicated to some of the most talented and innovative tattoo artists working around the world, with photographs showing the progression of pieces from design or outline to finished tattoo. Whether you are a tattoo fiend, thinking about braving the needle or simply appreciate eye-boggling artwork, look on in awe.”


Please follow Dangerously Dolly on her twitter, and if you want to look at some other pretty tattooed ladies then do yourself the favor and check out her official site! Go show her some love, and please, check out the book! I leave you all with the high res image used in the book. Thanks for all the support!


Nerd Porn!

November 6, 2010



Im just going to leave this here and go put my ice-cream back in the freezer.

oh yeah, nice shirt.


Nerd Porn: FF7!

September 11, 2010

Boobs. Yeah, she has some of those, but look at her arm. You’ll notice Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 – and I believe right above him is Tifa and a moogle!  I wonder if she is a MATERIA girl. …See what I did there?

Nerd Porn

August 23, 2010

Happy Sunday, dudes. Look at this:

...well then!

Fending off space invaders and saving the mushroom kingdom. naked.

sassy little multitasker.

*paging chloe to tell me who this SG is, so I can direct folks to her full set!

Nerd Porn

July 18, 2010

Lots of people seemingly come across my blog while searching for …interesting kinds of porn, so, I thought I’d throw up a Nerd Porn post for good measure!

Nerd Porn: Stars Wars and Evangelion

July 4, 2010

If you’re a guy, your eyes will probably go straight to her Star Wars fight scene near her baby-maker, but for me, it went straight to her Evangelion forearm tattoo. Evangelion is EASILY my favorite anime, and EASILY my favorite series of anything – ever. I cant even get started on how much I love it, but I love this girl and I am totally inspired (again) to get a Neon Genesis Evangelion tattoo myself. As if I didnt have enough tattoo ideas lined up already.

We salute you, lady.

Now, I stopped suggesting people watch Evangelion a long time ago, because it’s a bit of a mind freak and It takes a certain kind of person to really get into it and understand it. Although, I DO suggest you Wikipedia it, read up on it a bit, and see if it tickles you in any way. Here’s the gist:

“Evangelion is an apocalyptic mecha action series which revolves around the efforts by the paramilitary organization Nerv to fight monstrous beings called Angels, primarily using giant mecha called Evangelions which are piloted by select teenagers, one of whom is the primary protagonist.

Events in the series refer to Judeo-Christian symbols from the Book of Genesis and Biblical apocrypha among others.[6] Later episodes shift focus to psychoanalysis of the main characters, who display various emotional problems and mental illnesses;[7][8] the nature of existence and reality are questioned in a way that lets Evangelion be characterized as “postmodern fantasy

It’s well beyond any other “Giant Robot” anime – it’s a little heavy while touching on subjects of religion and mental illness, so while I feel everyone should give it a shot, it’s not for everybody, but it might be for you. If I can give this series one more fan, that’s good enough for me.